How Can I Add Perk Points On My PC?

Kinda want to know. I’ve got some skills maxed out that I want to have all perks for without spending an hour typing in console commands.

Anyone know how?

Type in console "player.addperk “PerkNumber”

Find perks here. Perks and Weapons ID

Tow-handed all perks

[details=Open Me]player.addperk babe8
player.addperk 79346
player.addperk 79347
player.addperk 79348
player.addperk 79349
player.addperk 52d51
player.addperk 52d52
player.addperk cb407
player.addperk 3af9e
player.addperk 3afa7
player.addperk 3af83
player.addperk c1e94
player.addperk c1e95
player.addperk c5c05
player.addperk c5c06
player.addperk c5c07
player.addperk 3af84
player.addperk c1e96
player.addperk c1e97[/details]


[details=Open Me]player.addperk be128
player.addperk c07ce
player.addperk c07cf
player.addperk c07d0
player.addperk c07d1
player.addperk 58f75
player.addperk 58f7a
player.addperk 58f7b
player.addperk 58f79
player.addperk 1090a5
player.addperk 1090a4
player.addperk 1090a2
player.addperk 105f29 [/details]

[details=Open Me]player.addperk be126
player.addperk c07c6
player.addperk c07c7
player.addperk c07c8
player.addperk c07c9
player.addperk 58210
player.addperk 1036f0
player.addperk 58211
player.addperk 58213
player.addperk 5820c
player.addperk 105f23
player.addperk 105f24
player.addperk 58214 [/details]

[details=Open Me]player.addperk cb40d
player.addperk 5218e
player.addperk cb40e
player.addperk cb410
player.addperk cb412
player.addperk cb413
player.addperk cb40f
player.addperk cb414
player.addperk cb411
player.addperk 52190 [/details]


[details=Open Me]player.addperk f2caa
player.addperk c44c7
player.addperk c44c8
player.addperk c44c9
player.addperk c44ca
player.addperk 581f4
player.addperk 581f5
player.addperk a3f64
player.addperk 581f8
player.addperk 581e4
player.addperk 581f9
player.addperk 153d1
player.addperk 68bcc [/details]

pick pocket

[details=Open Me]player.addperk be124
player.addperk 18e6a
player.addperk 18e6b
player.addperk 18e6c
player.addperk 18e6d
player.addperk 58202
player.addperk 58204
player.addperk d79a0
player.addperk 58201
player.addperk 58205
player.addperk 96590
player.addperk 105f28 [/details]

[details=Open Me]player.addperk babe4
player.addperk 79343
player.addperk 79342
player.addperk 79344
player.addperk 79345
player.addperk 5f56f
player.addperk c1e90
player.addperk c1e91
player.addperk 5f592
player.addperk c1e92
player.addperk c1e93
player.addperk 106256
player.addperk 106257
player.addperk 106258
player.addperk 52d50
player.addperk cb406
player.addperk 3af81
player.addperk 3afa6
player.addperk 3fffa
player.addperk c3678
player.addperk c3679 [/details]


[details=Open Me]player.addperk f392a
player.addperk be125
player.addperk 106259
player.addperk 107830
player.addperk c3680
player.addperk c3681
player.addperk 5820a
player.addperk 105f26
player.addperk 58208
player.addperk 58209
player.addperk c3682 [/details]
Light armour

[details=Open Me]player.addperk be123
player.addperk 79376
player.addperk 79389
player.addperk 79391
player.addperk 79392
player.addperk 51b1b
player.addperk 51b17
player.addperk 51b1c
player.addperk 105f22
player.addperk 107831 [/details]

[details=Open Me]player.addperk f2ca9
player.addperk 581e1
player.addperk 581e2
player.addperk 581fd
player.addperk c44c3
player.addperk c44c4
player.addperk c44c5
player.addperk c44c6
player.addperk 59b77
player.addperk 59b78
player.addperk c44b5
player.addperk 59b76
player.addperk 153d0 [/details]
Heavy Armour

[details=Open Me]player.addperk bcd2a
player.addperk 7935e
player.addperk 79361
player.addperk 79362
player.addperk 79374
player.addperk 58f6e
player.addperk bcd2b
player.addperk 58f6d
player.addperk 58f6f
player.addperk 58f6c
player.addperk 107832
player.addperk 105f33 [/details]

[details=Open Me]player.addperk be127
player.addperk c07ca
player.addperk c07cb
player.addperk c07cc
player.addperk c07cd
player.addperk 58215
player.addperk 58216
player.addperk 58218
player.addperk 105f2a
player.addperk 105f2b
player.addperk 58217
player.addperk 105f2f
player.addperk 105f2e
player.addperk 105f2c
player.addperk 5821d [/details]

[details=Open Me]player.addperk bee97
player.addperk c367c
player.addperk c367d
player.addperk c367e
player.addperk c367f
player.addperk 58f80
player.addperk 58f81
player.addperk 58f82
player.addperk 58f7e
player.addperk 58f7d
player.addperk 58f7f
player.addperk 58f7c
player.addperk 108a44 [/details]

[details=Open Me]player.addperk f2ca8
player.addperk c44bf
player.addperk c44c0
player.addperk c44c1
player.addperk c44c2
player.addperk 105f32
player.addperk 581e7
player.addperk 10fcf8
player.addperk f392e
player.addperk 581ea
player.addperk 10fcf9
player.addperk f3933
player.addperk 58200
player.addperk 10fcfa
player.addperk f3f0e
player.addperk 153cf
player.addperk 153d2[/details]

[details=Open Me]player.addperk f2ca7
player.addperk c44bb
player.addperk c44bc
player.addperk c44bd
player.addperk c44be
player.addperk 153ce
player.addperk 640b3
player.addperk d799e
player.addperk d799c
player.addperk 581dd
player.addperk 581de
player.addperk 105f30
player.addperk 105f31
player.addperk cb419
player.addperk cb41a
player.addperk d5f1c[/details]

[details=Open Me]player.addperk bccae
player.addperk 79355
player.addperk 79356
player.addperk 79357
player.addperk 79358
player.addperk 58f68
player.addperk 58f69
player.addperk 106253
player.addperk 58f67
player.addperk 5f594
player.addperk 58f66
player.addperk 58f6a
player.addperk d8c33[/details]

[details=Open Me]player.addperk babed
player.addperk 7934a
player.addperk 7934b
player.addperk 7934d
player.addperk 79354
player.addperk 105f1c
player.addperk 105f1e
player.addperk 105f1f
player.addperk 51b12
player.addperk 58f63
player.addperk 58f61
player.addperk 58f62
player.addperk 105f19
player.addperk 103ada
player.addperk 103adb
player.addperk 58f64[/details]

[details=Open Me]player.addperk f2ca6
player.addperk 153cd
player.addperk c44b7
player.addperk 53128
player.addperk 53129
player.addperk 5312a
player.addperk c44b8
player.addperk c44b9
player.addperk 581f7
player.addperk c44ba
player.addperk 581fc
player.addperk d7999
player.addperk d799a
player.addperk d799b [/details]

There you are.
Make them txt files and give them a name. or add them all into one called perks or something then in console write.

bat ‘the name of the txt file’

ps that was a lot of copy and pasta.

you missed player.addperk 58f72 which is the Bribery Perk for Speech. but thanks btw, that was very useful.

This is what i do :smile:

Download a program called Cheat Engine here:
Cheat Engine Downloads

Then download my CE table for TESV:

Follow Guide:

  1. Start Skyrim, load your game pause and alt-tab out to desktop.
  2. Once CE 6.1 is installed, Open TESV.CT (My CE table for Skyrim)
  3. Inject into the Skyrim process (Click top left, glowing green square)
  4. Go down to the perks pointer and modify the value (and only the value)
  5. Re-open Skyrim and you should have the perks amount you changed it to (Think max is 251 at any one time)

You may get virus warnings but i assure you because of the nature of Cheat Engine it is a false positive.

lol nice, wondered how you figured that out :wink:

Regardless, a shared TESV.CT file will not always be the same Perk Offsets (pointers) for everyone. They will be different (but not all the time). So this is where the researching/cross-referencing like in Hex editing comes in. Gain a Perk point, search, spend it, search again, gain some more, send some more until you find only ONE instance of the Pointer that is showing your current Perk Points.

Edit and you are good to go.

if you don’t want to do that (above)
Level up a particular Perk until you level up and max it, level it back down to 15 and continue to do that. Once you have your desired amount, just level your characters main level back down to where it was and you’re good to go.

Those are the only 2 ways of gaining perk points quickly (via editing) without adding each perk separately. [Currently]