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How did you find WeMod?



I am just curious, so how did you find here? Google, youtube or what?
I see a lot of new members and it would be fun to know.

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Honestly the way i found this website i was looking for a mod which linked to this website and it turns out the mod was deleted. xD


i got in here cause STN was publishing tablets and advices in a forum, and mentioned the proyect of Infinity.

How did you got in here Legitti?


lol thats some good luck right there


This website sure is a hidden gem after a lot of searching i haven’t never seen this website popped up on google yet.


Its so long ago so I’m not 100% sure, but I think I googled some Xbox mods back in the day and found myself here with Horizon360. :slight_smile:


I had some semi-rare Wii games for sale on craigslist the week of Christmas 2012. When a buyer came to my home to purchase them he noticed that I was working on a 360 and asked if I could mod his Gears of War 3 game save and his profile. I said no, I don’t think that’s possible. He said yes it is, I saw a video about it on youtube. He said he would pay me if I could do it. After he left I Googled something like “how to mod gears of war 3 xbox 360”. I think the first result I clicked on was the XboxMB one. I was big into Resident Evil 5 at the time and Horizon had an editor for it so I started experimenting with my saves. I knew absolutely nothing about any of this save editing or profile modding stuff that day. I had the guy back at my home 2 days later and edited his save and profile successfully…while warning him that things might not go well and I could mess up his save and profile. It went well and he was happier than pigs in ■■■■(hi Spray1). I originally told him to get me a 6 pack of some Heineken on his way over but he didn’t and gave me a twenty dollar bill instead. Had him back a few time over the next couple months to unlock some more skins or something. That’s the only reason I found this great community and doubt I’d be here if he hadn’t asked me for the help. I guess you could say Wii games got me here.


This is so cool to hear about, glad you are still here after all these years. :slight_smile:

Fun random fact: I joined 4:20 PM :smiley:


Is there a way to find that? I would so love to see the exact time I joined just for the hell of it.


Sure, just click your name in this topic to open quick profile and put mouse over the date you joined!

E: works on profile too!


i created my account 69 seconds past midnight :sunglasses:


haha nice find man! :smiley: