How do I adjust audio/volume levels individually?

Something that I haven’t managed to figure out yet while PC Gaming, is how to turn down the game volume while in a voice chat with friends. My headphones only support the volume control of the mic. During gameplay, I find myself asking my teammate to repeat himself as I completely couldn’t hear what he last said with all the in-game audio effects happening.

Is there a solution to this?

Not all games feature audio settings either so that doesn’t help.

It’s easy if the voice-chat is through a program like skype or teamspeak but I dont know about in-game voice chat.

I use team-speak but you can only turn it up so much, and I still find there too quiet. It’s primarily the game volume I want to adjust

The little speaker thing in the taskbar will let you individually adjust volume for each window open.

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Are you using windows? If your are, just use the built-in volume control to lower the game’s audio level.

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I tried this, but for some reason as I moved the slider, all sliders wanted to move in sync with each other. When I figured out how to increase them one by one, they then wanted to increase the main/master volume bar as well. I may be doing something wrong, I will play around with it some more.

The main will always move at the maximum level of whatever program is at it. Master can not be lower than any others. You’ll have to set the master somewhere around where you want it and then individually lower the game.

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Doesn’t the game sound function through the master control? Meaning the TeamSpeak volume could never be louder than the game?

If you turn down the game then it can be louder.