How do i connect my xbox to my laptop monitor with HDMI port?

Ok, so i have a 1080p HD monitor for my laptop, and it runs blu-ray, and it has a HDMI port on the side of it. So i was wondering how can i view my xbox off the HDMI port?

There should be a little HDMI port below the AV port on the xbox. Just plug one end in the xbox and the other in the moniter.

My laptop has HDMI in and Out. I don’t know if this will work for you.

You can’t… If your computer has an HDMI port it is more then likely an HDMI out

If it is an HDMI in just connect a hdmi cable from the xbox to the laptop.

+1. thats right. so if u have a hdmi capable tv. you can use ur laptop and hook it up to ur tv. so ull have a big screen for ur computer.

This…most laptops don’t have video input, only out. So this is most likely a HDMI OUTPUT.

I am just trying to hook it up to my laptop!

YOU CAN’T :cry:

>.< MOST Laptops. some have them. there was someone at my school playing his xbox on it…

Does your laptop have HDMI In?

If you do then its possible
If you don’t then your SOL

Theres your answer.

Yeah :smile:

I think we have enough of the same answer. If someone has a magical way turn an HDMI out to an HDMI you can message him.


If you have an HDMI in just plug the HDMI cable from your xbox in but that doesn’t make a lot of sense having an HDMI in.