How do I connect wemod to games from the Xbox application?

This has probably been asked before so I’m sorry if I’m making this thread but I’m having trouble.

How do I use WeMod on games from the Xbox application? Cause right now I’m trying to connect WeMod to the game Company of heroes 2 from the Xbox application but I get an error when trying to connect the .exe to wemod

I have gone and overwritten all the files and folders to my Windows 10 account so I can view the files and folders and it won’t let me hook up the .exe to WeMod.

How do I get around this? or is it not possible to use Xbox gamepass games on WeMod?

Hello and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

First of all, Xbox Game Pass games are just Windows Store games that are part of their subscription service. So any trainer designed for Windows Store versions of games will work on “Xbox Game Pass” games, there is no difference between them.

Second of all our current Company of Heroes 2 trainer will not work for the Windows/Xbox Game Pass version of the game, because it is specifically designed for the Steam version of the game.

If you want a trainer for Company of Heroes 2: Complete Collection on the Windows/Xbox Store, then you need to vote for it via the WeMod desktop app:

  1. Search for the game.
  2. Click the result under the requestable games header.
  3. Click vote.

Bear in mind, Windows Store/Xbox Game Pass is an extremely unpopular platform with the majority of gamers, which is why there are so few Windows Store trainers on the internet as there is a very low demand for them. In all honesty, you’re better off seeking a refund from Windows Store and purchasing the game on Steam instead.

I got the same error with Sunset Overdrive too and that’s on WeMod but it doesn’t detect the game being installed on my computer so I went ahead and went to my WindowsApps folder and found where the game’s .exe file and tried to attach it to WeMod but it gave me the same error as above.

Is there a way around this or not?

Just like Company of Heroes 2, we do not currently have a trainer for the Windows Store version of Sunset Overdrive.

The only trainer we have for that game at this moment in time was designed for the Steam version of the game. I have never seen a Steam trainer from anywhere on the internet ever working with a Windows Store game. This is because the game engine’s code differs between the two store versions, meaning they require their own separate trainers.