How do I disable the "AI Game Guide"?

On certain games, I’ve noticed there is a … chat(?) tool called an “AI Game Guide”, and it’s constantly active when I’m on that game’s page.

I looked through the settings, and was unable to find an option to disable it. I also tried right-clicking on the thing itself, but nothing happened.


Could someone please tell me how I can remove this from my WeMod install? I really do not want anything to do with AI on my computer, and I apologise for being weird about this.

You can disable it from Settings > Customization > Disable AI Game Guide

This does not remove it from WeMod. Please know that it does not use info from your PC if that is your worry.

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Not sure if it is a bug or not but the AI still shows up in the in-game overlay (gamebar widget) when disabled, also takes up to much room when you make that widget window as small as possible, I like to pin it and keep it open while playing.

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You cannot remove it from the overlay, only the app.

Ah, thank you. I apparently glossed over this setting when I went through the customisation options last night.

It seems I was in a bit of a tizzy over being unable to find a setting for it, which led to me asking how to remove it entirely. (I believe the ‘tizzy’ was due to a mixture of exhaustion and frustration.)

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