How do I download fossils and archaeology mod for minecraft to one of my xbox

:thumbsup: Please help!

No, impossible.

How you can appearently do it using this other website. But i wanted to use Horizon.

This is not possible as the Xbox 360 version does not support user made mods like this.

Show this “other website” doubt there is one or it’s completely fake.

Damn well thanks.

mods will be introduced later in the game they have to convert the already famous mods and release them as dlc i saw this on a tweet i havent heard of this mod so i dont think it will be used the aether and mo creatures and all that kinda stuff will be added so wil texture packs

They Better add tekkit! I’d be on minecraft for days!

Possibly… they make a whole new Minecraft same price but… wait for it… Minecraft: Tekkit Edition O: I’d buy it :l

If I can remember right, Notch said there going to be adding Mods into the 360 version on MC. But they dont know when yet. But as of now, You can just add any type of “Mod” to Minecraft for the 360.

I have seen so called videos with “Ported xbox 360 mods” but it is just their texture pack as they do not show the mini blade or receive and messages of have friends in the game but they have all the other things like the main menu and buttons in the menus

u can use installer pro i got the mod ur lookin 4 on xbox soooooooooooooo…USE INSTALLER PRO

100% grade-A top Notch bullshat. :wink:

i can not put world on my pc

yeah I thought this was a moding website so I thought that I could come on here and find a mod that I wanted and then click download but its not what do I do

what is the sites full name because I searched it and installer pro didn’t come up