How do I find mods compatible for Xbox 360?

I don’t know where to find them. I’m trying to mod Skyrim, and I barely know what I’m doing because the tutorials on how to use Horizon don’t make any sense. Is there a way to convert a file .esp to a file type supported by Xbox?
Is the only way to add a PC mod is to have a jtag modded console?

Xbox 360 would need native mod support for something like that to work, and it doesn’t.

Anything that adds resources or tampers with game files requires more advanced modding, either by iso modding or by using mod chips (jtag/rgh/etc).

Usb mods consists of save value edits and some profile edits.

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          Finding Skyrim Mods

#Launch your favorite Internet browser and execute a search for Skyrim mods compatible with the Xbox 360. Examples of search terms you can use are “skyrim mods xbox 360” or “download mods for skyrim xbox 360.”
#Navigate to any website offering Skyrim mods for the Xbox 360 to browse available mods. Examples of reputable Skyrim mod sites are and
#Select the option to download the mod of your choice. There are thousands of Skyrim mods available based on your personal preferences. For example, you can download mods that feature detailed faces, weightless items, or enhanced character performance.
#Save the mod file to your Windows desktop. Later on, the mod will be moved over to Horizon to convert the file into a format compatible with the Xbox 360.

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you will need the sdk or 360 neighborhood or xex programs to convert and to upload your 360 with the xedxmenu

look for a youtuber user name moddedwarfare and he will show you how to convert and install the xexmenu to your xbox

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