How do i install save games for saints row 3 on my xbox 360 using horizon?

so i installed a few minecraft worlds with horizon but i was wondering how i can install a 100% save game of saints row 3 or gta san andreas or sleeping dogs using horizion.

You go about it the same way you added the Minecraft worlds. Open the save in Horizon, change all 3 IDs to the same IDs as one of your own saves, press the save, rehash and resign button, and then save it to your device. You can now move it to your 360’s hard drive or just play it by loading your game from your flash drive.

Oh. I didn’t do it that way with changing numbers, save, etc… I just followed this tutorial

Also, will I get banned? Since won’t it do a cheat and give all the achievements from that save game?

And once again, is there a video tutorial doing that?

Should work the same way. And about the being banned thing, it’s unlikely,but it would be safer doing it on an “offline” profile.

which is?

also, not to mention, which site has a bunch of save games for xbox 360

Just make sure these match:

do as he said he should work :smile: