How do i mod minecraft

hi im new and i want to know how to mod minecraft can someone help plz

Hey. I need help with this too. I followed youtube instructions to get forge and pixelmon mod and put my xbox profile on a flashdrive to try to use Horizon to put the mod on the usb to take the mod back to my xbox 360, but I couldn’t get it. I have a very sad 8 year old son! when I open minecraft on the pc it says I have 3 mods, but not a pixelmon mod even though i put the piexelmon universal jar in the mod folder. I thought my old computer might not have strong enough graphics, but the same thing happens on my dad’s new computer. Also, I thought maybe i could just snag the pixelmon mod into my profile on my flashdrive using horizon, but it won’t work. I stored my profile on the flashdrive, but do i have to save my xbox360 minecraft game on the flashdrive before it will work through Horizon?I am very inexperienced with all this, but have been trying for days. Does anyone want to help? Got any advice? THANK YOU.

You cannot use PC Minecraft mods with Xbox or Playstion Minecraft. For example, Pixelmon is a PC-only MC mod. If you want to play pixelmon, you’ll need to install it for the pc version and play it on there.

To properly install a mod on PC Minecraft:

  1. Download your mod of choice (Pixelmon for example)
  2. Open the start menu, and type %appdata% and hit enter.
  3. Open the .minecraft folder
  4. Open the versions folder
  5. Copy & Paste the current version folder that you’re playing into the same directory. (1.8.3 for example)
  6. Rename the copied version to 1.8.3-Pixelmon
  7. Open the 1.8.3-Pixelmon folder
  8. Rename the .jar & .json files to 1.8.3-Pixelmon
  9. Open the .json file in Notepad, and change “id”: “1.8.3” to “id”: “1.8.3-Pixelmon”, save and exit
  10. Open the .jar file with WinRAR, delete the META-INF folder
  11. Drag and drop the Pixelmon files into the 1.8.3-Pixelmon.jar in WinRAR
  12. Close the .jar, open Minecraft
  13. Select Edit Profile, select the Use Version drop-down menu and select 1.8.3-Pixelmon, Save Profile
  14. Launch Minecraft!

WOW! Thank you!! I’m on it…

Let me know if you have any issues, I’d be more than happy to run you through it on TeamViewer.

you cant hack but you can add maps with horizon

With this website ( It’s as simple as- Find the mod you want, download, press install. DONE! This website is used by alot of youtubers and is really easy to mod minecraft.

Adding mods to pc/mac is cool but anyone know how to mod xbox 36o minecraft?

To mod Minecraft Xbox 360:

  1. Open your memory unit/HDD in Horizon
  2. Go to the Games folder
  3. Go to Minecraft
  4. Double-click the map you want to edit so it opens the save window
  5. Click Contents tab
  6. Right-click “savegame.dat”
  7. Extract file to Desktop (Make a back-up of this file)
  8. Download the free Outdated tool - oPryzeLP Mod Tool
    Virus Total Has a false positive
    (Run as admin first time to download final update)
    Download the new tool (Costs $10 Haven’t tried it yet, heard its worth it) -

The rest of the tutorial is for the free editor

  1. Load savegame.dat

Settings Tab lets you mod:
Spawn point (X,Y,Z) subtract 1 for height shown on map coordinates
Has been in Creative (Removes creative mode flag so it acts like its always been in Survival, see note below)
Turn Generate Structures On/Off
Currently Raining On/Off
Currently Thunderstorm On/Off
Adventure Mode (Disables monsters from spawning naturally, sort of useless 3 or 4 updates ago)
Edit Game (map) play time (Can be used to unlock the Watch Avatar item)
Rain Time (Amount of time it has rained)
Thunder Time (Amount of time it has been a thunderstorm)
Presets to Never Rain, Always Raining, Sunrise, Noon, Sunset, and Midnight

Players Tab lets you mod:
(Select the player you want to modify)
Can no longer edit coordinates of individual player
Change the Dimension the player is in (I don’t think this works anymore)
Modify what effects are on the player currently (Only use up to level 3 or it will freeze the game)
Click a slot and then click add to modify inventory of player, you can also modify what enchantment everything has with special high levels for invulnerability armor and more (You can add blocks on your head for custom helmets and experiment with other things)

Maps Tab lets you mod:
Click the players map you want to edit, it will convert the map and show it on the right
Import a new image of anything you want (has to be sized 128 x 128 pixels)
Change the dimension to anything but the current dimension that player is in…once the player goes to that dimension the map will update back to the original map

World Tab lets you mod:
PC to XBOX converter works no matter what the title update is
If map is a title update from 16 or below you can load one of the three dimensions
Create a custom flatland
Create Custom Biomes
Repopulate the map
Set Height for map
Custom edit every block in the world to place anything anywhere (floating sand that doesn’t fall, free-standing ladders that show as invisible walls on the opposite side, etc)

Other Tab lets you mod:
Add a mob spawner (X,Y,Z location, how fast it spawns mobs, how many mobs per spawn)
Custom Villager Adder (X,Y,Z location, profession…includes secret alien type, invincible, invisible, Offers [up to 100 uses per offer, what they are selling and buying)

Other 2 Tab was never finished

Advanced Tab lets you manually edit anything you want…less advanced then the new NBT editor created by oPryzeLP

  1. Select Start and save your edited folder in a different location than the original
  2. Go back to Horizon
  3. Right-click the “savegame.dat” in the save you pulled it from
  4. Select Inject, select the edited file
  5. Click “Save, Rehash, Resign”
  6. Load game on Xbox (you can then load it from the 360 to the One for modded maps as well btw)

If you are wanting to take the Creative Mode flag off, you need to make sure you select Survival Mode and load the game, it will still say it was in creative at this moment.

Once the game loads press START and SAVE & Exit

Once again make sure Survival Mode is selected and load it again, you will now have your creative mode map acting like it was always in Survival Mode

I’m new also and i want to know how to download mods on my Xbox 360 without all that work. I just want to know a way that is fast and easy.

You can not do that on the 360 without a jtag/rgh anyway.

Yay thx guys I’m only 8 years old so I’m having to sign in to stuff but I am very glad you came

Were glad you came oooowwwoooohhh