How do i put a map onto my profile(im new)

I need help.

I assume you’re talking about Minecraft, so try this tutorial out:

Should work just fine. If it doesn’t, post back and I’ll assist more!

still need help

Can you elaborate?


What? I’m sorry but I have no idea what your issue is therefore I cannot help you resolve it. If you could tell me a little about your issue that would be wonderful.

When I plug in the flash drive, what do i do then?

Did you watch the video? It explains everything in it.
Once your USB is plugged in run Horizon.

i did that…

Then what are you having trouble with?
I’m confused what your issue is.

What do i do when I plug the flash drive in then go on horizon?

If you watch the whole video it literally explains every single thing you need to do.

Pavman. It’s remarkable how much of a high patience threshold you have. I have never been so irritated reading a thread. You make us all proud.

i plugged it in

… hey

If you need help please watch the video.

Please stop with three word responses and actually explain what you need help with. If you watched the video and didn’t understand something then ask for something specific…