How do i run horizon as administrator

when I start up horizon it says iam in offline mode and then I put my flash drive in computer it says run horizon as admin anyone know what I do to change this any help is appreciated thanks

Right click the Horizon icon on your desktop then click “Run as administrator”. Be sure you have your antivirus disabled.

thanks that worked any idea how to get it off offline mode to online mode sorry I am new to this and don’t know what iam doing yet

You need to update Horizon. You can either do it manually through the program when you start it up, or you can uninstall Horizon & redownload it from Pav’s signature

What is the password for the administrator?

Ask your parent.

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I’m confused

Is it suppose to be the password for the computer?

Only if your the Administrative user on that computer.

When I try to open the Horizon Setup thing it just disappears every time what do I do?

Edit: I have my Firewall and AntiVirus disabled.

Right click on it, click on properties, look for the Unblock button near the bottom and click it, now click Apply and then Ok. It should now install for you.

If you still have problems try downloading Horizon from this alternate link:

Please help me. I have ticked run as administrator, everything has full control, I open it as Run as Administrator, done update, anti virus disabled and it still asks me to make sure I am running it as administrator.

Yeah I’m trying to do everything you guys said I just wanna install jtag to my goddam xbox 360 and have fun spawning AI in halo 3 forge I’m mean really? come on, is it that hard to fix a little bug? I’m not trying to be rude or disrespectful but really? I need all the help I can get I’m not gonna hack online lobbies or troll I hate people who do that I just wanna have fun on halo 3 forge and watch AI battle while me and my little 12 year old bro play split screen now please pretty pretty please someone help me!!!

I’m not sure about that since I don’t have an XBOX but I’m pretty sure like 99.99% that JTAG has NOTHING to do with Horizon actually I’m 100% sure. To get JTAG you have to modify your XBOX with a modified Chip. Don’t know what your problem is then since JTAG is something entirely different to Horizon

running as admin, antivirus off, but horizon isn’t recognizing flash drive

Ok follow these steps.

  1. Uninstall Horizon
  2. (Optional) Ask your parent/parents for the admin password if you don’t have your own computer.
    2.1 Turn off all anti-virus programs/disable Windows Security Defence
  3. Download the app from here Horizon App
  4. Go to where’s it’s saved and right click and select " Run as Admin"
  5. Install it on your C: or D: drive depending on your computer
  6. Once installed go to your desktop and find it and right click and go to properties.
  7. In General Properties there should be a “Unblock” tab below…click it to make sure it’s unblocked.
  8. Go into the compatibility properties in Horizon and make sure to tick " Run as Administrator" and apply
  9. Run and enjoy.

Any problems please post below. Cheers :+1: