How do I suggest a game trainer to be added?

Hi, I remember there used to be a vote for game to have trained developed, but can’t seem to find it anywhere. E.g. Enlisted and I wanna vote it but unable to.


The Request system has been changed last year to a new system. Essentially a user can show their interest in a trainer being made for a game by clicking on the Notify Me option within the app. Once enough users have done so, it will be added to the Queue!

I see but the game Enlisted is not found, anyway thanks for the reply. Cheers

What’s the game name?

I don’t know about AlphaAce1755. But, i have a game i voted for since stone age (Ancient Cities). And still nothing.
Any news about it please?!
Thank you!

Enlisted > Enlisted - Gaijin Entertainment

I’m afraid it will be the same answer of pressing the Notify Me option, and waiting for enough users to do the same. The trainer requests are based on the popularity of the game amongst the WeMod users, as WeMod itself is run by a small team.

I’m afraid Enlisted would be unsupported by WeMod, since it’s an MMO game. The trainers at WeMod are intended for single-player games or campaigns.