How do you find out how long you have been on xbox live?

With all this fuss about modding crowns i remember i modded mine to 10 years a while back, I want to change it back to what it should be so i dont get banned but i dont know how long i have had it. Gt: x i4zy m4xii x

sorry bump :anguished:

You can’t,
Just put it to 0 and restart…

Recover your GT I think it fix’s the years.

Well, when did you get your Xbox?

i thought if your recovered the account it resets

Uh no.

You can just delete your profile and recover it and it will change back.

Its been 10 minutes and your bumping? If you need to apologize for it don’t post it…

Don’t believe you can, you can try calling MS or looking into your receipts of payment. Try recovering your profile.

Thanks silentkiller! Close please.

Go to dashboard, then go to manage account, then go right to your memberships, click Xbox live gold.