How do you use account editor

I could not find tut how to use it and i think im doing somthing rong on it so yeah could come one tell me what to do or give me a link to a vid

Its Self-Explanatory. You load a profile then just click on stuff that you want thats it.

when i do my profile i put enable live then i save it then i inject it back in my profile am i suppose to delete my old one then inject it??

What is the Account Editor?

The account editor is for people that are more proficient at modding and know exactly what they are doing. This is not recommend if you are new to modding, or have no clue what the Account Editor does.

When you first open up account tool you notice that it shows several things.

You will first see your gamertag. This lets you edit your gamertag; but you will not be able to actually change it for free. You can use this for modding your gamertag for Call of Duty 4,5,MW2, Halo,etc. (Hint: Buttons in your gamertag?)

The second thing you will see is a drop down box that shows Xbox Live,PNET,Other. This clarifies if you are Xbox Live, ParterNet, or other. This is used for Dev kits. Dev kits have partnernet. Don’t use this if you have a normal xbox.

The third thing you will see is flags. The flags are what you have. If its say Xbox Live;Leave it. Unless you have a developer kit, or if your profile is in recovering status.

Password protected is where you can change the buttons password to your account. A great example would be if your brother has an account that is password protected then this can be used to change it.

XUID is something to never change. If you love xbox live then don’t change it. This is your live Id; without it you can’t go online.

Domain, and Realm is something you don’t want to mess with.

Here’s my original thread for this. The thread contains a lot of other stuff that you may have questions with.

i made a non gold member account and tryed to make it member account because someone told me i could using this tool but i did and this account got corrupted then i try’ed something new and still did not work…

no. you can only get Xbox Live gold by buying or redeeming a code.

that part of the tool is to switch the profile type from pnet to Xbox Live etc.

i knew i could not get xbox live i told him that lmao so yeah ok thanks that what i thought wanted to make sure/ double check

Problem Solved.

Thanks for helping guys!


If my account is blocked because it needs to be verified by me putting in the email and password but I have forgotten them then can I remove/change that?