How to add Super Jump To CoD Black Ops!

First off we need a Default_mp.xex that has been decrypted so find one.
Now We Can Start

  1. open up your Default in a hex editor like this
Open Me

  1. Now we can start to edit hit ctrl + f and then type jump_height and hit enter like this
Open Me

  1. Now where it says “jump_height.B” on the left side highlight the B and it should highlight the hex value like this
Open Me

  1. Now change that value from 42 to 49 and then save it like this
Open Me

  1. Now go test it out, your jumps should now be really high

Please thank the topic if I helped you out

Thanks and bye

Wow u would leak :stuck_out_tongue: jk lol >.<

EDIT: wait… what? anyways nice tut.

lolwut haha and i made it so its not really leaking it …

I was just kidding lol but you should of put it in the black ops section.

i would like to get it moved there

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And nice find :wink:

ill be sure to and arent you a moderator?

Yep. And if you try to modify the fall damage to I (if possible) would it work?

well unlike the super jump where theres an editable value (B/I) the fall damage does not and you would have to use idc and xextool to edit that but you can just use light weight pro

Btw do you have xlink kai???

I do…but I failed every time to install the kxam patch :confused:

to install kxam.patch all you have to do is place it on your jtags hdd and your done then if you go into fsd it should say system link patched

I did but I need the dashlaunch installed first…Right?

ya ill give you a good tut and download here: Forum

it has a vid and a manual read me tut and downloads should help you out

Ok cool thanks. I’ll give it one more try.

nice tut keep up the good work! :sunglasses:


wont you just die from how high you jump

ty worked for me

thats y u use light weight pro for your perks

Does this work for zombies?