How to burn XDG3 games


[b]You have to have your drive flashed on LT 2.0 [/size]

[/b] A practical way to fully burn XGD3 on a 15-cent-priced DVD+R DL made it spoiler as it is quite long

[details=Open Me]If you are using cheap media and cant get 2.4x burn speeds then try this
WARNING: Using patched firmware might damage your drive and will void your warranty. You do this at your own risk

[size=14][b]PreHacked Burner Max FW

RITEK S04-66 x2.4
IHAS 124 - 624
(Please Note: No Longer supports RITEK D01-001)

RICOHJPN-D01-067 x2.4
IHAS 124 - 624
(Please Note: No longer supports RICOHJPN D00-001)[/b][/size]MBIPG101-R10-65 [b]x2.4
IHAS 124 - 624
(Please Note: No longer supports RITEK D01-001)
Thanks Voc1967 for this disk info :thumb:

CMC MAG-D03-64 x2.4
IHAS 124 - 624
(Please Note: No longer supports CMC MAG D01-00)

UMEDISC DL1-064 x2.4
IHAS 124 - 624
(Please Note:No longer supports ISSM D00-001)

RITEK D03-130 x2.4
IHAS 124 - 624
(Please Note: No longer supports ISSM D00-001)[/b][size=14]
PM me with requests, Please include the media ID of the disks you are using :smile:

Massive thanks to C4eva for providing the Burner Max FW :smile:
First off you need to start by downloading and opening MCSE MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

Once open you need to load the Burner Max firmware for your drive

Once you firmware has loaded you will see all the speeds/media types supported by your burner
You need to double click the name of the media you would like to change (your disks)

Then you will be asked to select a media type to replace
Choose 1 with a 2.4x speed and click ok (NOTE: The Media you take the speeds from will no longer be supported on your burner)

You will then be presented with this: Click yes

Your selected media now has 2.4x
Click save and when prompted to continue click yes
Save the modified firmware and flash to your iHAS burner as normal

I hope this makes it a little easier for you guy’s having problems :smile:

Also to people still having problems try this great tut by BOOMERCE to change the advanced settings

If you would like to test your backups then please refer to PREBELGIAN’s tut
Remember to +REP them if you use :thumb:

Thought it maybe useful to others

Thanks to djnateb &stevieboy1000087@hotmail.for the info

Now these are the settings needed to burn the cheap disks

[details=Open Me]TO FULLY BURN XGD3 ON A 15-CENT-PRICED DISC (mostly [b]RICOHJPN-D01-67[/b] media, any brand is possible; [b]RITEK-S04-66[/b] had (very) low success rate according to tests here and in our Chinese Xbox 360 forum, avoid it; [b]CMC MAG-D03-64[/b] had [b]almost 100% success rate[/b] but also a higher price)

First of all, you must get a Lite-On iHASx24 DVD burner (or their clones such as ASUS DRW-24B3ST, MSI DH-24AS B and so on) and flash iXtreme Burner Max firmware.

If you want a lower speed, say 2.4x, on some media, to increase success rate, please refer the tutorial by fodubble at

After flash, run ImgBurn (future higher version will also do).

0.Turn on or off Tools -> Settings -> Write -> Perform OPC Before Write, different disc will have different success rate with this option on or off.

1.Select “Write image file to disc” as usual.

2.Click “Advanced Settings” button in bottom right corner. (Marked red in screenshot)

3.Open Lite-On panel in Advanced Settings. It is required to click the individual “Change” button if you changed any setting item and a “Success” message will pop up to confirm the change.

- Turn on Online HyperTuning

- Turn on SmartBurn

- Turn off OverSpeed

- Turn on or off Force HyperTuning (same reason as OPC mentioned in step 0)

Now you are ready to go! Enjoy XGD3 backups dear friends:bounce:

Lately theres been al ot of threads and quiet a lot of people asking me so I thought ill do a tut

[b]Lets start you will need a new PC dvd burner

[/b] It has to be a liteon iHas 124,224,324,424.524.624 it has to be a B model best way go on amazon and look for a seller that just sells B models [size=20]

[b]Here is a video tutorial on how to flash the drive

Open Me

You will need verbatim dvd+r dl disk

best and cheapest place to get them is ebay pack of 25 for £19 other wise it will be a lot harder to get working

[b]Now go on img[/b]

Burn at 2.4x and ImgBurn, UNCHECK the "Perform OPC before write" option also laybreak calculate optimal also make sure to verify the disk once it says 100% install it onto your hard drive to make sure it works fine :smile: any question feel free to ask I made this myself no copy and paste a first for me :worried: also when flashing the drive you don't need usb pro just plug it in via sata that's what I did

Thanks it very was helpful.

Is that a 360 Drive or a PC drive?

If you are from the United Kingdom, buy the burner from Scan it is the cheast I can find with next day delivery or Play is also cheap with free delivery.

Nice post, it is a shame my discs just wont work for ****. Do not get Taiwan Verbatims.

It is a PC drive

So if my drive is already flashed(360) and I buy this PC Drive, I can burn and play without getting flagged?


Forgot to mention this, but No new firmware needed?

You need 2.0 then you need to update every firmware update

I forgot what I have, but its the one that was released right after I believe 1.1 was patched?

No you are like 5 updates behind.

Updated :smile:

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Are we still going to need these iHas B series pc drives to burn XDG3 games after abgx comes out with stealth patches for em or w/e they are updating?

I appreciate the response :smile:

Yes you will :smile: hope this helps

If you have a dvd r+DL drive, why ca n’t you burn XDG3 with it? Sorry, new to this if its a dumb question. Cheers

Well C4eva only modded liteon drives to be able to write to the end of the disk so you must get one for it to be safe on live and work 100% :smile:


Really glad this has help so many people :smile: