How to bypass parental controls

Parental Control Override Code:
Go to Settings
Highlight Parental Control
When the screen pops up that says Enter Pass Code press: X, Y, Left Trigger, X
You’ll be taken to the parental controls screen where you can disable the password previously entered -

Thanks this is good because my parents created my account now i can do whatever i want =)

I love it how your parents were worried and yet they bought you games like dead rising 2, left 4 dead2, saints row, prototype. What were they trying to block you from?

they just created it and made my age under 18 so i didn’t have all the stuff i should have on the dashboard and other stuff
i can play whatever game i want it doesn’t matter

I have a feeling this doesn’t work.
If you really want to bypass it you can just restore your xbox to defaults by resetting the system settings. That will erase any parental settings entirely.

i had to call xbox for my neighbor and they just gave me that code to enter and it worked lol

Perfect, my friend will love this lol.

oooo thats awesome nice find

good tutorial