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How to change id of games

Guys please could you help, I have a non jtag xbox 360 and i was installing games to it via usb, sometimes it shows no content on horizon device explorer and sometimes it shows but all the id sections are filled with 000000000 , and when i try to change it i can’t change it to my desired profile and console id which i have. Please please could you help.I think the game file shows as corrupt due to this on xbox 360. I have also heard about this before that if you give it the correct ids it will run, pls tell me how to modify it to run. I have converted isos to god not downloaded gods directly with profile so it should run on my xbox. Thanks

If you dont have a JTagged Or RGHed Xbox you cant download and install games ISOs with only a USB memory stick

Not to my knowledge anyway.

You change the ids when you transfer saves and such, not games. You will need a modified console to pirate content that requires a license otherwise they will be “corrupted”. Have someone flash the drive so you can play burnt games or get a jtag(or similar depending on your motherboard). Another option is a optical-drive emulator like x-key.

No, I am converting it to GOD form and then injecting it via horizon. It shows as a corrupted file, if only I could change the ids on it it will work. I think. Don’t know how that will, I am unable to change the id from 0000000 to my console and profile id.Just like injecting a demo which works fine.

My console is flashed and running ixtreme lt +3.0 firmware. How do i assign an id to it, I don’t think 0000 will work, and gods are for non jtag, so it should work.

Your optical drive is flashed meaning it can read burnt games. You Will need a jtag(or similar) to play pirated games from storage devices.

There’s also this

No JTAG/RGH needed.

Thanks for correcting me! I spelled xk3y wrong (x-key) and forgot to mention it I my second post.

Still, modifying the optical drive twice is pointless IMO.

Ah my mistake then. I didn’t even realize you mentioned it! I think the x360key is an amazing device. The installation is easy if you’re used to flashing the drives anyway.

Still games on demands are for non jtag users, it works when you download gods with the profile. So it should work when assign a profile to it. Still, it doesn’t. But it should I’m still working on it . I have changed the profile and device id with CONcept, I inject it with horizon, it shows no content most of the time but a few times it shows the game in the content, but when I play it on Xbox it shows as a corrupted file. Why does the same game work on with the disc. There should be some way to play it. We download gods from Xbox live market place they work. So these should too. I just need that edge or whatever.

Well, you would solve what hardcore modders have been trying to do for years.

The GoD packages have to be signed by MS for your console. The only way to do that is to buy the game. A normal 360 will not read a package that has a broken signature (changing the IDs breaks the signature).

how did you do that with concept

This thread is 2 years old. I doubt the person that did it is still here.

@Chris closeru

Never mind, figured it out myself but still won’t work. Should be deleted topic if you ask me.

What doesn’t work?

Well you can change device id and profile id but you can’t change console id with Concept and therefore it shows as corrupted file

Learn to read.

K bro, chill

Hello! I am Brazilian and I recently entered this world of editing with XBOX360 files. I’m sorry for the English, I’m using the translator. I recently discovered that there is a way to change the Device ID of a game, without having to buy it. There is also a way to change the Profile ID and Console ID, but they take longer. To change the Device ID you need a program called “Le Fluffie”, it is an XBOX360 File Manager. When opening the program, you click on the open tab (in the upper left corner of the screen) and click on “Create Package”, and a small window will open, where you can choose two options: STFS (for save game, DLCs, Mods, Addons , Files, etc.) and SVOD. In this case we will use the second one, when you select it and open it, it appears if you want to save the file as OriginalXboxGame, Games On Demand, HDInstalledGame and one more that I don’t remember. When navigating the “Transfer” tab, you can change the three IDS. However, it asks for a file type “ISO GDF” if I’m not mistaken, and I didn’t find anything related to this format on the internet :frowning: