How to Change The Start Up and Shutdown sounds on the xbox 360

HI is there any way to change the start up and shutdown sounds and tray open sounds for example like the new ltd edd star wars one

I’m sure you can with some modifications to the console and to some of the files.

is there any step by steps that you know of

No because I’ve never seen or heard of it being done. It would take to much work and you would need a jtag or rgh more than likely, then you would need all the files off a LE console.

ok thanks

with the slim the ones that have sound have an external Speaker that is mounted in site the xbox to add this speaker would not be hard to add it only thing is i am not sure if the sound is made within the nand or if its built in to the speaker itself i will have a look at some of the reach slims i have in a bit and see but pretty sure its within the nand :smile:

Probably, won’t find a tutorial around though. Sound is in the nand I’m assuming.
I mean changing boot animation is a ***** apparently, so sounds aren’t going to be a walk in the park.

I don’t think its possible with a normal Xbox but possibly with a JTAG or RGH you could?

Edit: I just read its in the BIOS so yeah IF possible only on JTAG RGH: Change Xbox Startup/scheme Sounds? - Scenyx Entertainment Community

With this, once it is released, you can change the boot animations apparently.