How to change your gamertag for free


  1. Sign in on Welcome to Windows Live and edit your last name to match a part of your gamertag (it must be a believable last name otherwise it’ll be stupid)
    For example: Lets say my gamertag is Dempsey789, I’ll go on there and change my last name to “Dempsey” (Mikey “Dempsey”)

  2. Call Xbox
    UK Number: 020 7365 9792 (Cost-free number)
    USA Number: (800) 469-9269 (Toll free)

  3. Press 2 for Xbox LIVE then 0 to speak to an xbox live representative.

  4. Once talking to a representative, tell him your name (Mikey “Dempsey”).

  5. Tell him/her that you have some personal identifying information in your gamertag.
    They may tell you that need Microsoft Points to change it, if they do say something like “I want my info to be kept private over xbox live and people shouldn’t be able to see my last name”

If they refuse, say [I have read the code of conduct and I know that personal info isn’t supposed to be in your motto, bio, and especially not your gamertag.]
If they are still refusing, just hang up and try again.

Hope this works for you! :smile:
credits to Mikey

proof or gtfo

I have done this once before and I worked I can’t believe this finally got released.

It better work lol

BTW: Go bulls :stuck_out_tongue:

proof or die

This seems like a legit idea as long as none of them are big Halo fans (my name is Major Sedavian a guy from the Halo books)

i hate calling ms

U know its funny my last name is in my gt its Miner

My gt is I Kicked a Baby, so my name is gonna hafta be something like Michael I Kickedababy. I have a feeling this isn’t going to work.

Copy pasta.

omg i hope this works

lol i already said it was.

Nice to know!
But does not apply to me.
GotDiabetus doesn’t fit anywhere in a last name. :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks anyways though!

lmao make ur lastname abetus lol

Why are you guys acting like this is new? I have known about this for the last year.

There is a whole bunch more you can do than just change your gamertag.

Lets say “Free Unlimited 1600s”.

Good deal, right?

I might make a tutorial for it later.

Sticky ! I think this will work! but why would someone create the gamertag in the first place with thier name in and then say they want it out

What about First names?

My name is nLegacy Panda.

Jake Nlegacypanda is now my last name.

… o_O

My tag is FRAG, apparently my last name is too.

Matt Frag, catchy.

non stop nyan what would be my last name? in there? lol