How To COMPLETELY Customize Windows 7 [Requested]

Vid took a LOT of work, at least a Like <3
Hard Link: YouTube - How To COMPLETELY Customize Your Windows 7 Experience!

Specific Tuts w/ Pictures

How To Disable UAC (User Account Controls)

Hit your start button and type in “UAC” in to the search bar.
Click the link I have highlighted in the picture.

Once it’s open, make sure to set it to “Never Notify” and hit OK.
You will need to reboot your computer.

How To Patch Your Computer For 3rd Party Content

Open up the “Universal Theme Patcher” folder.
Choose the theme patcher in accordance with your computer’s Bit-System (32 or 64).

Pick the region your computer is, and then confirm opening the program by hitting OK.
Once open, you’re going to click “Patch” for all three sections.

After you click “Patch” you should be prompted with a confirmation each time, just hit OK.
After all of your files are patched, it will ask you to reboot. You need to do this.

Hot To Change Your Boot-Up/Shut-Down Background

Open the “Windows Startup BG Changer Folder” and run the application.

Click on “Choose Folder” and pick which ever folder holds the pic you want as the background.

Once chosen, click OK and all the pics in that folder should show up in the selector.

Choose the picture you want and click “Apply”. It should begin doing so.

How To Change Your Start Orb

Start off by opening the application. Be sure to have your downloaded Orbs at the ready.
This is a good source for them: Click HERE

Click the button to the right of “Select and Change Start Button” and choose the orbs you downloaded.

After you choose it, your explorer will restart and the orb will be applied.
You can delete the Orbs off your desktop after they are applied.
Also, if at anytime you want to return to your original orb, just choose the option in the app.

How Apply a Downloaded Theme

Download a theme from the internet. This is the best source: Click HERE
Open up the theme on your desktop. Some themes will have multiple versions.
They usually depend on whether your taskbar is mounted on the top or bottom of your screen.

You need to find 2 things:
A .theme file, and a folder which will almost always have the same name.

Now you need to navigate to this folder on your computer:

After you are there, you’re going to put the .theme file and the folder in with the other themes.

From the desktop, right click and click “Personalize”.
Your theme should be in a tab called “Installed Themes”.
If you don’t see it, you didn’t patch your files correctly.

too bad I don’t have Windows 7 ): nice tutorial.

It’s possible for Vista with almost the exact same method, look around!

awesome thanks for this im gonna start right now :smiley:
i subbed by the way

edit: alright m finally done thanks alot :smiley:
btw at 14:35, you say explorer.xex instead of explorer.exe XD

saw this earlyer on yt

Nice guide, never knew about Windows 7 Themes on deviantArt. :smiley:

best windows 7 customization video on youtube i have seen so far, great job!

Thank you for the tutorial, and since when have you been a partner on this new channel? Nice work. :smile:

This is one hell of a good tut, sticky material i say.

Stickied, Until further notice, Good job Gimme Half,I hope to see more tutorials like this from you as I see you can make them :stuck_out_tongue:


awesome thanks so much

cough use tuneup utilities Its safer i tried this once and didn’t resign the explorer.exe and had to do a recovery on my computer so try out tuneup utilities i can get you serials just pm me.


edit: and tuneup utilities works on xp,vista,and 7 if anyone needs help on where to get the visual styles and start up screen and etc just “IM” me

I don’t know why anyone would “IM” you for the tools when I included all of them.
Also, if you messed up it’s because you are retarded, honestly.
Make a restore point like I said and you would have been fine.

Also, TUT doesn’t let you fully customize your Windows.
ALSO also, there’s no need to mess with your explorer file.
The tool I included switches the start orb with ease, and keeps a backup of your orig.

Yes! I finally know how to do this without watching 5,000 tutorials. Thanks!

Password for the files?

Try watching the video.

Do you know how to upgrade from starter ?


Yeah sorry :smile: I watched it with no sound because my sis was in bed :smile:

Also the start orb changer just makes it go blank. No new orb loads.

sweet tut cant wait to i do this to my computer

Very extensive tutorial, nice work.