How To Connect An Xbox 360 Slim HDD To a PC with A Transfer Cable

I just found this out so I made a vid, watch it, I command YOU.

This is cool and everything but I’d rather use a USB… :expressionless:

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What do u mean by magic.


Magic, durr hurr huurr.

i just thought could u use that cable frm the the xbox 1 and plug in that 250 gig hhd to the regular xbox and have a 250 gig xbox 1 idea

Both these comments made me giggle a little :stuck_out_tongue:

but on topic nice one .

Lol nice i guess

2.5" SATA to USB Cable = Easier >_>

But nice i guess :smiley:

what he means is do you play the indie game “load” on your bed.

I could add some “gator magic” :wink:

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Now this is awesome i miss modding on my transfer cable i hate usb modding regarless if tis easier i think its in some ways noobish because it allowed anyone to become a modder literally without doing any research but ya amazing find dude thanks!

wait. does this mean you can plug a slim hdd into a different xbox?
And the other way round?

thats a good question…<.< anyone test?

i might give it a try. I have a spare old hdd. but im not sure if my brother needs it for anything. plus if i try to put the old hdd in my slim and it ****'s up… im screwed.
ahwell xD i’ll try it anyway.
EDIT: I dont have the tool’s for opening a 360 harddrive D:
other edit: A normal screw driver works O.o

Nice video :smiley: but would it not be quicker and easier using the EZTrans Transfer cable from CodeJunkies, It can take the original Xbox 360 HDD and the Slim HDD.
Click here for a link to it.

Nice job. Party Buffalo Drive Explorer was created by CLK, though.

Good question. I would assume that it works.