How to design a xbox 360 controller with a sharpie

This is my tut from 7s…if you dont believe me send me a pm on there.

Today im going to show you how to make your very own custom xbox 360 controller design using only a sharpie and make it so it never rubs off!

iam not responsible if you wreck/mess up your controller!

Tools needed
Sharpie 1 fine point and 1 extra fine point(or a sharpie pen works)
Lacquer or a clear coat
optional Tape(only if you cant take apart your controller cover up the buttons,thumbsticks,ect…)

1st.Clean your controller then find the spot where you want to make your design

2nd. After your done making it (make sure to check if you made a smudge or missed a spot before you spray) lightly spray your lacquer/clear coat of your design(do this at least 2 time)

3rd. Thats its! make anything you want on that controller and simply spray lacquer/clear coat on it and your done! here is what I did.

If you have any questions please post here or pm me.

/Will be doing this later on today.

Thanks. I always thought you couldn’t prevent it from coming off.

I did to until I got bored 1 summers day and started to test some things out and I got this.

nice tut/find

if i had any artistic ability i would definitely do this, good tut though

Pretty good tut, But I would just mess up my controller

Comrade I miss you :anguished:

Also, I will be doing this when I get my sister to buy the lacquer for me. Commy make another tutorial in the future about using spray paint :slight_smile:

Nice im gonna try this

pretty sick

There is already a tut on here on how to paint a controller so I cant.

how does this feel in your hands? does it feel sticky after awhile or does it remain smooth in your hands even after hours of playing?

After it drys I dont feel anything. But it depends on how much you put on the controller.

Nice i didnt know you could do this