How to do the 12V Fan Mod without Opening Your Xbox! (JTAG)

This requires NO hardware modification!

What you need:

  • a JTAG
  • The Fan Speed Patches
  • a USB Flash Drive
  • WinRAR

Step 1:
Download the fan speed patches HERE

Step 2:
Extract them with WinRAR

Step 3:
Put them on your USB

Step 4:
Go to XeX Menu on your JTAG, then go to your USB and select the fan speed you want. (you can always go back to normal by clicking the “autospeed.xex” patch)

Step 5:
Now after you have selected the fan speed patch, restart your JTAG, then the next time you turn it on your fans will be louder/quieter depending on what .XeX you chose.

I didn’t take any pics cuz this is too easy :stuck_out_tongue:

Leave a post if this helped you :smile:

Did you copy / Paste? btw nice post

^Looks like it :stuck_out_tongue:
The Tech Game - Keep your Jtag safe from overheating with Fan Patches!

wow that looks strikenly similar >.< ive never seen that thread before though I swear :confused:

All I have to say is “lmao”

I will be receiving my Jtag in the next two weeks, so I’ll be sure to do that.

this is old as ****

freestyle dash has a fan speed changing option. no restarting every time either.

ima try this!

cant you do something similar to this on the freestyle dash?

OR just use Freestyle dash with dashlaunch, set it to 100% or whatever speed you want and walla. :stuck_out_tongue:

FSD Crashes on me all the time, so I don’t use it anymore.
But, that is a better way.

its easier to just dump your nand and then open it in 360 flash tool and then edit the config file and put your gpu or cpu fan speed at what ever you want

whoa, failure to life

How do you jtag without opening your xbox 360?