How to download, and install USBXTAFGUI

Firstly, thanks for taking the time to read this.

What is USBXTAFGUI? Well, many of you will probably already know, but if you’re fairly new to savegame modifications, then USBXTAFGUI allows you to transfer game saves from your xbox360 console, to your PC.

How does it work? Your xbox360 console edits the memory stick to be recognised on your console, but is modified in such a way, that your PC cannot view the files. That’s where this program comes in, it searches the device and automatically opens the files, so you can extract it to your PC desktop.

What you need:
-A memory card, ATLEAST 1GB in size, 2GB recommended.
-A PC with a USB port
-An xbox360 console (duh)

Firstly, plugin your memory card to the FRONT USB slot on your console, go to my xbox>memory and click memory card, it’ll prompt you to edit the memory card, click yes. it will delete everything on it, so make sure it’s all backed up!

Once that’s done, you will able to transfer data. Click B and then go into hardrive, go into game saves and click on one, click MOVE, not copy, MOVE. And move it to your memory card.

Now, open up usbxtafgui and plugin your memory stick to your computer, click file, open device, and you should see some numbers and letters, click through them, and eventually you’ll see the file, live ForzaProfile, or gamesave etc. Click it, and click extract. Simple :smiley:

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modio + atlas + horizon are easier and better

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I wasn’t asking for something that was “easier and better” I was actually giving a tutorial on a program that can be useful. Thanks for replying anyhow.

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