How to edit a .GPD File

This tutorial will show you how to edit a .GPD file


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Nice tut, but that program is terrible. It’s searching for the setting ID >_>

Also, this will only work for plain-text settings (Call of Duty and other stupid games).

Nice tut, thanks :smile:

Wait… Do you have to have a Jtag or what?!

is this ur TuT out of curiosity

Why is a program needed for this? Just open your profile in a hex editor, find the CoD4 section and add in some binds, a monkey could do it :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t mean to thank you lol. I clicked it accidently, so you got a free thank :smiley:

You don’t need a jtag to edit a GPD. GPD is where your game file/information is stored. You can do a lot with a GPD on certain games.

But for some GPD mods you might need a jtag to receive infections and then use the GPD, but otherwise no.

I hope I helped.

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this program there is genraly no point
a program the could read the enterys correctly would be good,


helpfull i guess…

I’d class this .GPD editor a rip of Oscar’s Black Ops .GPD editor…

I can’t see Oscar using a search function.