How to find an oG GamerTag

Step 1: Go to this link. | Find the Meanings and Definitions of Words at

Step 2: Search any random word, or click any word on the homepage that seems attractive to you.

Step 3: Try claiming that word as your Gamertag. If it’s taken, try a ‘nearby’ word, here:

Step 4: Try as many words as you like, from this list, I guarantee you’ll find one that attracts you, and you will want to use it as a GamerTag. For example, I was trying to get the word ‘Pyrokinesis’ as my gamertag, but it was taken. So, I tried the nearby words. I found Pyrograph. Tried it, because I liked it, and found it was available.

I hope this helps. :3

My opinion on these type of a “OG” or “Original Gamertags” is that they are kind of boring tags but at least they are somewhat decent. Nice tutorial!

Yeah, a lot of them are boring. But if you could grab the tag ‘Gamer’, would you? Of course you would! oG’s are kinda rare, I’ve never been in a game with one on any game before, but there are even rarer tags, because they’re wanted by a lot of people. I should say ‘more valued’ than rare, because there can only be one of each gamertag. I made the tutorial because, although it’s very simple, not a lot of people think of using a dictionary. :laughing: Thanks. :3

Ive Seen Someone With The Og “Mr”

Really? O.o

Would this be considered an oG?

Very nice tut, i’l try this out sometime :smile:

< 3

no lol, i’ve never even heard the term.

I would say so. :laughing:


Nice find

Holy crap! Thanks! Great tutorial… I got my name C:

Don’t even Lie


I can haz? o.0
jkjk. nice tag.

I saw the tag “Cannabis” the other day… Kinda got a boner.

I’ve had these for a while, but

[details=Open Me]Had i known i spelt it incorrectly lol[/details]




Very nice. :3

Lol, not the greatest.

I didn’t say they would be great. :laughing:

Mine isn’t oG, but it’s pretty damn sexy. It was a toss up between High Charity and Traffic Cone, and I went with High Charity.