How to find my email login from my gamertag?

I sold my xbox a while ago and deleted the account, But now i have a new xbox and want my old account back but it wasnt assigned to my email address and i can no longer ask the person for it back as i am no longer in contact with him, I was just wondering if there was a way to aqquire my email address from my xbox live gamertag?

call Microsoft and report it stolen. and say u cant remember the email to get it back

Or bot your computer to pick up all saved emails and passwords and hope its in there

You should shoot a call out to the Xbox Live Support team, from what I remember the number to call in the USA was 1-800-4MYXBOX, I’m sure they will assist you further with the problem you seem to be having. They may ask you a few questions about the account, such as the birthdate that was set up when the account was created, secret question if you had set one, some address information, or any other questions that they believe may prove ownership to the account.

~Good luck, Hope things work out in you’re favor!

is this supposed to be another way of asking/wondering if theres a way to kinda get sum1s email?

call xbox and say your account is stolen ive called and stole my friends accounts as a joke just get the retarded indian lady =D