How to fix Xbox360 Microphone echo or static issues


Easy Microphone Fix Tutorial

[/size] [size=30]This tutorial will quickly teach you how to fix a minor echo or static noise emitting from your Xbox360 microphone. This has fixed my mic and may as well help you also. These problems are usually caused by a dirty microphone tip.[/size]


I would first like to say I take no credit for this tutorial I am only borrowing it to help others.All credit goes to it’s rightful owner(s).Credit located Here


Items Needed:

  • Cotton Swabs- Rubbing Alcohol- Xbox 360 Microphone

Steps to complete
Step 1: Dip your Cotton Swab in the rubbing alcohol or make sure its wet.
Step 2: Carefully Clean around the tip of the microphone you stick in the hole.
Step 3: Firmly, but carefully insert the microphone back into your controller.

Viola, it should be fixed.If you have any more troubles refer to the “Here” link posted above.
If all these steps fail, you may have to get a new mic.

Edit: Please post below if this helped you.

does this work if it does i have like 3 mics that will come back to life

Not Guaranteed, but it did for me. Give it a try it wont hurt your mic.

yay!! ill try this on my mic

My thread’s never get enough credit… Bump. I know this can help somebody.

ill try this with one of my old mics thanks :smile: