How to flash a lite-on without expensive tools

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When the new update hit, a lot of people got concerned that they would have to reflash their console but don’t really want to spend 20-50 bucks for flashing and don’t need all those CK3 probes, connectivity kits and stuff (because really… you buy X360 for like 40-50 bucks at (or is it from) shmeeBay and have to spend another 50 bucks for those things you’ll probably need once). Also, please read tips/Q&A at the end of tutorial.

Table of Contents:

  1. Flashing;
  2. Profit.

I. Flashing.
Flashing 1:

What you will need:
20-50cm of wire (if it’s 19 cm - you can’t use it, because my tutorial says so)
Some object with a small, pointy, metal head (for this I will be using my awl (I’ve read that some people use sewing machine needle and you may also use a nail, but if you do so, you might want to get some rubber gloves just to be safe).
A knife or sharp scisors (I’ve probably misspelt the word);
A SATA cable (if you can connect X360 DVD drive to PC with the power of your mind, you are welcome to use it)’
A friend/
At least a couple of steady hands<
Some practice+
So first of all we need to prepare everything.
As we don’t have any CHEMICAL X, we can’t mix sugar, spice and your LiteOn to dump its FW. So we’ll have to make a few things.

“Probes and you”:

Your home-made probe will not look as cool and as pretty as mine, but don’t worry.

Take that 20-50cm wire and cut ~5cm of isolation from each end of the wire. Now take that object with sharp metal end and twist one end of the wire around the metal part of the object so you would have something like in the picture above. There you go! There’s your probe! You’ve just saved a ton of money. To congratulate yourself, go get some beer from the fridge.

To finish with the probe twist its other end around the big hole in X360 frame:

“Saving a little bit more money”
We will do this by inviting a friend and not buying a connectivity kit.
Disconnect your drive from the X360. Look at the power cable. The end that was
connected to the drive should look like this (except there should be no numbers):

Look at that carefully and follow the wire number 6. Now take your knife or scisors and sever it in two. Congratulations! Now you have an additional wire! Just kidding. Cut ~1cm of isolation from each wire. Now make a little hooks out of inisolated (metal) part of the wire. You now have two tiny cute hooks. I’ll add a picture of one of them(don’t mind the messy table)

Now this is the part where you decide who will be responsible for power and who will be responsible for probe (preferably someone with alien abduction experience). You have now gained knowledge why you need a friend! So the one responsible for power should now practice connecting the two hooks so they would stay connected without the help of your/your friend’s fingers (I don’t know actually how to explain this, imagine two pirates fighting with their hooks and they get stuck).
The probe guy (let’s call him that), should practice connecting the proble to MPX01 pin and holding it steady for a few seconds. The MPX01 pin can be found on LiteOn board here:

Now you are probably ready for connecting everything.

Flashing 2: Part 2.
Turn off your PC. Connect the two hooks of your modified DVD drive power cable. Connect the modifiend X360 power (you will need to hold the drive upside down so connect the power cable accordingly or you will burn it!) cable and SATA cable from PC to your X360 DVD drive. I had to disconnect my DVD-ROM from PC as I was one SATA cable short. Mine was connected directly to my motherboard:

(power cable conected to upside-down DVD drive. It’s the right way to connect power cable. Notice, that the two humps/stairs/plastic thingies that are only on one side cannot be seen. If they’re on this side, that means you’re doing something wrong. If you’re unsure about this part, please post your questions with pictures.

Connect power supply and video cable to X360 and turn PC and X360 on. When both have booted, turn on the Jungle Flasher. Press DVDKey 32.

Credits for this picture goes to Xenome. Change I/O Ports until Drive Properties show something similar (Vendor and Name should match).
Now both you and your friend take a very deep breath and press PhatKey button.
When you press OK, the one responsible for power must unhook the little hooks (meaning, disconnect power), then the probe guy must connect the needle/awl/whatever you use to MPX01 probe. When it’s done, the one responsible for power must quickly connect the hooks again. At first you might fail but don’t be afraid to do it again and again until you succeed and receive the ‘Serial flash found with status 0x52’ in JF log.After a few seconds you should receive a message. DO NOT PRESS OK JUST YET! Probe guy must disconnect the probe (you won’t need it anymore and by ‘it’ I mean the probe), unhook our tiny power hooks, wait 5 seconds and reconnect them and press OK. You might fail a few times… Again… So you’ll need to repeat everything from the begining of this paragraph. If you succeed, JF will ask you where to save the most important files Key.bin, Dummy.bin and others. If you’re afraid you might have done something wrong, do everything again, and compare the DVD keys you get in JF log. User cecilhenley reports that unsuccessful extraction can be caused by the hooks not being connected tightly enough. If the extraction fails for you, you should definitely try this.

When you have successfully saved them, go to “FirmwareTool32” and select “Open Source Firmware”. Chose your recently received Dummy.bin file.
JF is very kind and it will ask you to chose custom firmware file. If you want to ignore it, press NO and press ‘Open target Firmware’ button. Now chose your custom (LT+ 1.9 as of today) firmware for your drive (your drive version can be found on top of its case).
For the next part you must click a normal-sized ‘Spoof Source to Target’ button. As it’s not very hard, you should have prepared your new CFW. Save it by pressing “Save to File”.

This part is finally completed! It is mandatory to award yourself with CAKE or at least beer.

Flashing 3: The Showdown:
Go to “MTK Flash 32”. Take a deep breath again, and press “Lite-On Erase”:
METHOD 1: When you press OK (twice) disconnect and re-connect hooks really fast (1 sec or less). If that didn’t work (you didn’t get a lot of into in ‘Flash Chip properties’), follow method no. 2.
METHOD 2: You’ll get a warning. Press OK. Then you’ll get another warning. When you press OK this time and a a line of running dots in the log, power down the X360 with the poer button. Press it just once, wait until it has powerd down completely and then power it back on. Repeat the process one more time.
What you need to do next is push 'Intro/Device ID". You will get a message. When you press OK, you will have to again cut power to DVD drive by unhooking the ends of wire. Wait no more than 1 second and reconnect them.
Some info should appear in ‘Flash chip properties’. ‘Type’ should end with status 0x72 and ‘Drive properties’ should say that drive is in vendor mode. Now it all comes down to pressing “Write” button, waiting until it’s finished and confirms that everything’s OK and pressing “Outro/ATA Reset” button.
You’re almost done! you only need to turn off X360, disconnect SATA cable from DVD drive, turn off JF, save the log somewhere, reconnect X360 SATA cable to the drive, ensure that the hooks of power cable hold by tightly connecting them and wraping them in some isolation tape (prferably black, but white might also work, however as blue totaly doesn’t match, it might not work). Close everything, make sure you haven’t missed any screws and try out your newly flashed X360!

II. Profit.
Do this again, for money!

As this is my first tutorial, I apologise for all grammar mistakes and jokes that might have sounded a lot funnier in my head. If you have any questions/suggestions/feedback feel free to reply to this post.

Added pictures of modified power cable:
Wire No. 6 cut:

One of the hooks up-close:

Hooks connected:

Tips 'n stuff
Failing at key extraction is usually caused by the hooks not being connected properly (not tightly enough). Try squeezing them after connecting.
If you can, you can try making a swith on wire No. 6.
This also works after the new update.
Just to be clear, Power cable connection: Xbox->DVD drive; SATA cable: PC->DVD drive.
If your drive isn’t detected by JF, you need to buy something like this:
This method is also known as PMT.
If you have a second-hand X360, after doing this games might not work. It’s because your laser might be dying and/or it had a POT tweat done.
If your drive was previously flashed by a older firmware than LT (iXtreme 1.6 or older) you can use “Dummy from iXtreme” button to avoid probing.
If you have a 8xxxv1 LiteOn (didn’t need probing previously) and have a LT (or LT+) firmware, you need to use this method to re-obtain the key.

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Also, when you connect the power cables you should use a crimp connector or atleast some electrical tape.

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