How to Flash All Xbox 360 DVD Drives in JungleFlasher

Here is a download for JungleFlasher v0.1.73 (Latest firmwares already included- Samsung 1.61, BenQ LT 1.1, LiteOn LT 1.1):

Here is tutorial:
PDF Download:

The tutorial itself is too large to copy over into the post

Hope it helps

Team xecuter & team jungle

lol i have to wait 14 minutes before i can download the pdf. & btw i belive team xecuter & team jungle made the pdf so all credit to them if they did. ill have a look in 14 minutes lol.

upload it to mediafire or something lol this take’s the piss…

still waiting before i can download becuase i dont have premium.

Haha i’m capped atm so it’d take me like two hour to download -.-
Maybe you can do it! lol jkz. i’ll upload on the 10th (when i get full speed back)

Thanks for the useful resources and working links Iv been looking at TUT and hardware recently but could never find any good working software much appreciated

If your flashing a BenQ LT 1.2 is out so its better to flash to 1.2 than 1.1 .
Nice tut :wink:

Can someone upload 1.2 please and not to rapidshare there gay and make you wait to long


Go download Xbins, their servers are always updated with the latest firmware.

great program jungleflasher id recommend it