How to FTP using freestyle dash [JTAG]


How to FTP using freestyle dash.


Step 1. Your going to need your IP address from you JTAG. To get your JTAG’s IP you will need to boot your JTAG, then when you get to the dashboard click the right thumb stick and you should get something like this[details=DASH]


Step 2. You will then need to open .FF Viewer and go to the file tab from there you will need to click options [details=OPEN][/details] Then you should get a screen like this[details=OPTIONS] [/details]
From here you will need to take the IP address from the above step and enter the IP where is says xbox IP.

Step 3. Now you need the path of the game you are saving a patch to i.e /Usb0:/Games/Modern Warfare 2 as shown here [details=PATH][/details].

Step 4. Now your going to want open a patch_mp.ff then click file then Copy over FTP (Your JTAG must be on and connected to your router/modem)[details=FTP][/details]

Written By KonoR XboxMB