How to get 4000 Microsoft points for $9

Hi Horizon ,
I am going to show you how to get 4000 Microsoft points for $9.
Firstly head over to this website : Wholesale - Buy China Wholesale Products from Chinese Wholesalers on
Then Type in “ 4000 Microsoft points”
Next Click Go
You will come to a page like this

You have to buy some in bulk so just ignore those ones . Find one where it doesn’t say you have to buy 10 at a time like this one

Now click on the item and check to see if the seller has good feedback

Like this guy does have great feedback.
In the US the account will work to buy any content you want.
In the other countrys it will work on everything other than games on demand

Anyway make an account and buy the MS points .
Next you will get a message saying the item has been shipped look here ( this account has had the points spent lol)

Now recover the account and spend your points. You can also buy accounts with 10,000 MS points on a Pre-Loaded account. I have used the accounts to buy many things like MW2 Maps and fifa 10 stuff. All my accounts have worked Great !!!
Enjoy your points

Please Note : All credit goes to me for this tut :smiley:

Nice bro.
I check these forums every day and always learn something new.
Great post.

Thanks dude this took a lot of time :smile:

Cant you get console banned for this? as the points are carded?

As i said in the post you are buying an account and no you cant get banned :smiley:

Basically you’re buying stolen accounts with Microsoft Points brought from a credit card which is illegal.

They have 100s of accounts they sell , how do you think there gunna hack 100s of people :confused:

Great post, i wish it was an pre-paid card : / But oh well. Thanks for this :smiley:

you can still get most things with this :laughing:

Im in UK if i buy this and buy stuff with it, will i be able to use it on my main profile?

Go Look harder i found one for 10,000,only 20 dollars. :stuck_out_tongue:

wow thanks so much for the advice!
tried it out and it works perfectly! t
thanks so much!

Nice,Great Find. Does The Ms Points Really Work?

as i said at the botton you can also get 10,000 off this website

yehh look what the guy above you said:thumbsup:

i can get 20000 for 27 bucks so hahahaha
Click this Link 20000, 16000 ,10000 , 6000 XBOX 360 Live Points , US / UK / Spain version on

I was just thinking…

Is it possible to licencetransfer things bought with MS Points like DLC material etc?

Yeah that’s what the licence transfer is for :smile:

How do you pay? Paypal? CC? Bank?

Mainly Paypal

Well they sell 20,000 on Dhgate not sure about the price

Im just trying to help out the community will you please stop flaming