How to get Colored Class Names & Symbols!

1:First you will need to go to [b]Call of Duty Elite[/b]
2:Go to Modern Warfare 3 Player Card
3: Find a class that you would like the colored name on
4:Go here
5: Press on this button
6:Make You Colored Class

[details=Open Me]^1 - Red
^2 - Green
^3 - Yellow
^4 - Blue
^5 - Light Blue
^6 - Pink
^7 - White
^8 - None
^9 - None
^0 - Black
Thanks Jason!
How to get buttons in your Custom Class name

1: Go on to your classes
2: Go on “rename class”
3: Before every letter use this

List of combinations:

[details=Open Me]A button. - A

B button. - B

X button. - C

Y button. - C

Left Bumper (LB) - E

Right Bumper (RB) - F

Start Button - N

Back Button - O

Left Stick (LS) - P

Right Stick (RS) - Q

Left Trigger (LT) - R

Right Trigger (RT) - S




[b]All MW3 Titles/Emblems[/b]

Nice :smiley:

cool most simple way in the history of cod

CoD Elite doesnt work for me atm -.-
If people get banned for this its stupid.

Wow this aswell?! lol. You used to get banned for this if I remember correctly? However, you haven’t broken any rules by doing it this way. They’ll just have to deal with it.

List of different colors?

Mine says this :confused:

Same as all cods
If I remember, ^1 is red.
some other **** etc. ^0 black.
There was a thread with the Clan tag colour’s, they’ll be the same


^1 - Red
^2 - Green
^3 - Yellow
^4 - Blue
^5 - Light Blue
^6 - Pink
^7 - White
^8 - None?
^9 - None?
^0 - Black

Lol. Nobody has ever been banned for this…

Thanks I updated it with this.

8 and 9 are seethrough/clear/outlined or the default color of the text on a specific map, if you are playing on one.

If everybody does this, this is gonna get patched really fast.

They’ll probably ban people or give temp bans for their mistakes. Games have done it before.
Unless they decided to put it in since there’s no damage in doing so.

Mine says no player data, but I got both titles, the emblem, and the camo, wtf :anguished:

I’m thinking they ment to put it in there.I’m sure they would of noticed this.

Lol, the game has been out less than a week. I think the game was rushed. If only if had a beta none of this would have happened.

Cod4 + Beta = Good.
MW2 + nothing = 10th Lobbies
MW3 + Elite = Fail

That’s my guess, at this moment.
They haven’t even said anything on Twitter so I’m guessing they hid this like easter eggs and said “hey… you’re gonna mod the game anyway so why not do it legit now, in game”
Doesn’t hurt anyone - colors no one can see. Most the buttons in clan tag is just a distraction.

Did you try putting ^2 in your clan tag, and change it to blue? Because some member posted how a user had a blue username ingame - maybe this is how?

Added this to my new thread btw.

Literally, this isn’t even a big deal…

I was reading an article and they were comparing ELITE’s launch to MMO games. They explained how the first week or so the servers are generally very slow or down and that they will have to put in a something like a queue system in order to to get it up and running completely.

Kid you fail, this game is one of the better cods in my opinion. If you want to complain about Elite not being up and running then whatever but to hate on the game for a simple custom class mod or clantag mod is just sad…

On topic: Nice find, I’ll definitely use it when Elite is fully up and running.

They already have. they had the “Waiting room” Page.
Now, they’re using a throttled page.