How to get free xbox live codes! January 2015

Hey guys hope you enjoy this video is made by Mob not by me! [u][/u]THIS WORKS WITH CHROME![u][u]

Open Me

Just follow they instructions properly that Mob goes over in the video and you should have no issues with getting you’re 2 day Trails!


TIME STAMP 1 - 1:53 and TIME STAMP 2 - 1:56
Make sure you’re using a Gmail Account!

You can make tons of Gmail accounts thats what I’m doing!

This is a promotion offer it won’t last forever!

Press enter on bag 2’s code it will fix the glitch!
Random Zip you can use! 98101

Change the last digits on the codes to any number!

Check your Spam,Inbox,and Promotions tab unless you have a old gmail like me!

Getting ‘Wait, there’s a problem with some of your info’ just like the other walmart promo.

Click on the bag 2 code box and press enter, should work after that

To OP, post your source

Thanks for saving me the trouble to reply lol I was doing it right now.
Got 5 of them already! I save them on a notepad.

Did that, just takes me to a blank page and I haven’t received any emails.

Make sure you watched the video and use a gmail. He says on both the codes to edit the last 2 digits to any number you like. Timestamps Bag 1 1:53 Bag 2 1:56

Or use a different browser such as Opera
What it should look like [details=Open Me]


Same method as what I have posted before in the past, just use the Google Dot Trick, and do everything the same as before.

Some people won’t get codes because it will say “error” x)

Yeah all mine have been working fine! Gonna go get more.
Yes I remember the google dot trick for youtube if you wanna change your name without that space!

I’ve tried 3 different browsers and just get a white screen with numbers on it.

nvm what i said it works lol to get it to work push submit 2 times then it should say something is wrong with your info then go to bag 2 and push enter then it should say go to your email go to your email and then spam and boom its there lol

Yahoo works and I just go back to the same page do the captcha and put in a different email.

pobox also works so more emails

what email doesnt ask for a phone number? i dont own a phone to give it

Just give them a “fake” number if there isn’t any “alternative mail” option. But to answer your question, hotmail.

thanks and when i give them a fake number it wants me to get a code lol

but after u make 4 email with outlook it wont let u make more :anguished:

What type of computer do you have? Make sure adobe is installed and I have Windows XP and it works.

i have windows 8 and i have adobe but every email needs a phone number like aol and gmail :L

Not you napz219 xD

lol, cant remember how i have created multiple google accounts without giving them my phone number…

But you could try yahoo, if hotmail isnt an option.

made an account there pretty quick. Want it?

i tryed ymail but when they send the code it dont let me click the code :anguished:

You don’t need to click on the code. You want to save the code to a text document or notepad on your PC, or just write them down on a piece of paper. You will be redeeming these on either your 360 or at when you’re signed into your account.