How to get more votes?

Is buying votes with the credits the only way to get more votes? Is there another way?

Be active, use the tool everyday basicly.
Also, you could go pro.

wouldnt hold your breath mate,pretty much all of the current games cheats are out of date,getting anything new would be a miracle.

having to rely on people voting for a new game when theres only 5 people here at any time,you have virtually zero chance of getting a game done to order. :frowning:

glad i held off going for pro now,albeit i couldnt afford it before.there isnt a single game i own that has working cheats available for it in here.

i did think it was a strange business plan when i first came here,and im afraid to say theres others doing hacks for free that are far more up to date,and so wemod simply cant be a profitable idea at all considering the unending work thats involved day in day out,just so someone can cheat in a game.

not dissing wemod ,just the way i see it.

Very few games have cheats that don’t work and the ones that do are updated if the game is still popular enough. We are also releasing Version Guard later this month.

I don’t understand this at all. Only 5 people where? There are currently 7 fully funded games Upcoming Cheats & Trainers for PC | WeMod. That is more than 3 million WP worth of votes just in the top 7 games.

Have you reported them not working? If no one bothers to tell us the cheat creators don’t know a game needs to be updated. There are games that just aren’t going to get updated because there isn’t enough people using them.

What is strange about it? Instead of forcing people to purchase cheats or filling the site with ads and begging for donations we offer an incentive. If you would look most of those free sites don’t update past the first month except for AAA titles that are still popular.

I am sorry you feel this way but i think your facts are the ones that are out of date and need to be updated.

ive already posted in a couple,but i take it theres no updates due to “not enough people want it”,which to be honest isnt an encouraging reply at all.

those that play these “unpopular” games dont come here,all ive ever seen is newbies saying hello and thats it you never see them again and so the games are getting ignored.

not knocking you at all but someone has to say something else wemod will just fizzle out :frowning:

all very well just covering the latest games but they become replaced by the then latest again etc etc and as theres little chance of anyone posting once they have their fix those games then become unpopular apparently.

sorry for the mini novel,i struggle with words.

as i said none of my present games have working infinity cheats,they used to work obviously but first thing i do now when looking to cheat is hit the discussion button and see if theres comments about cheat working,all so far have unanswered posts saying dont work since updates etc and me adding to those threads doesnt change that apparently those games are no longer “viable” and will be left as is.

in which case they need to be deleted as theres nothing worse than “used to work but…”

obviously i have updated working cheats from elsewhere so updating is obviously done by the “others”.

im not a whiner,ive appreciated infinty and i would have gone pro had i the money at the time,but for me its a weeks food and i need that more just now,things are getting worse here now for old people so luxuries are completely out for a while.

cheers n atb.

Thanks for your feedback but i have far more accurate feedback available in terms of which trainer is more worth it and can help wemod.

I also think someone who can’t dish out 5$ to support wemod despite getting so much use out of it is the LAST person i would take any sort of advice for a project i am very passionate about and spend countless hours and have headaches cause of it and i am not even exaggerating. No offense

But thanks for the feedback!.

hmm,so my misgivings were right.a politicians answer :frowning:
if only it was 5$ but it isnt is it its around $60 or if monthly $96 ish
sorry didnt mean to do more than just comment but if youre too stressed now ,and its not mainstream yet imagine the stress thats coming if it takes off.

obviously using the same feedback research as your president :frowning:

best of luck for future,i hope it works,i wont keep replying as i dont want to cause further stress,and as theres nothing updating for me ill just bugger off.bye…

What are you talking about? It’s 5 per month, i think you’re confusing us with sone other site.

I am not stressed from your posts, i am stressed from games updating every few hours breaking my trainers but version guard is coming and you have no idea the genius of frank and zach.

The rest of trainer scene is rotten sucking off money from idiots who are used to ■■■■ and expect ■■■■ from us too, frank actually solved the problem and will make trainers breaking a thing of past.

And you say wemod has no prospect. I can see all the haters either coming back to wemod or begging their free trainermakers or ch to copy what wemod does.

So yeah you have no clue mate and that’s what is kinda annoying that you think you do.