How To Get Spotify Premium For Free (iDevice)

You must already have a premium trial to get it free forever

First, You need to download Spotify on your iDevice

Secondly, You need to sign in to your account with the trial.

Thirdly, Navigate to your home screen, press settings>General>Date and Time

Fourthly ,Turn auto off and change the year to 2002. Don’t change anything else.

Fifth Step, Close Spotify
Sixth, Restart Spotify and at the top it should say ‘4020 days left of your trial’

Now,enjoy your free membership

Credit to TooMuchSwagger
Not sure if this is allowed, or if it should be in Diamond section or something

I use a VPN every two weeks and it works fine. :smiley:

I’ll give this a try though…

By the looks of it this Spotify thing is just for music? Why not just Youtube?

Edit - LEL is this for iPhone xD

there is no “general” settings for me…

Just find wherever you change your date and time and change the year to 2002.

You can’t do this on the computer as well?

I don’t know, I tried it but it doesn’t tell you how long you have left on the trial I don’t think.

guys he clearly states it has to be on a idevice and he means general seetings on your iphone ipad etc not settings for spotify

hope this helped

Problem with this is mucks up all other apps is there a way just to change spotify ? :smile:

I have no idea! I don’t even have an iDevice…


i suggest if you dont listen to music much stick with youtube or if you dont play games as much then do this

Get a VPN account then change you origin country and get connected to another country server to get Spotify freely and enjoy with steam music and games with cheap prices and without being detected Using VPN encrypt your connection completely and secure your transactions.

I almost rather pay the $0.99 that I did for (3) months of Spotify Premium than have my system clock and calendar be wrong.

This can affect a lot, just so you guys know. It can **** around with web certificates and such because of the system date being wrong it’ll say that like security certificates are expired.

I mean I know everyone likes stuff for free but c’mon Spotify always has deals. I got 3 months for a dollar. A DOLLAR.

wow, thanks for the detailed sharing of the whole guidance. But I love using the Spotify Music without Premium.

Some app like YouTube will not work :confused:

This thread is 5 years old.
Things work differently now.

But does it sill work?

Just try it. I highly doubt they left something like that in there.