How to Get the Thundergun on Campaign (Numbers)

Hi guys today I am going to guide you through text tutorial.

  1. In the beginning you want to hit all of the nova six containers. (Recommendation is using gerenades to take them all out.}

  2. Once you have done that quickly look behind you and go to the left side in the back room. Look towards the tape player and hold X, or Square

  3. Go through the mission until you get to the weapon bank room. Once your there look to the left. You will see the tape player again now all you have to do is hit X, or Square.

You will hear some noises, and a thunder gun will be activated.

NOTE : Kind of difficult if you cant get all the containers.

Thanks to DaModder for finding the video for me. Sorry guys.

Wow that is sweet i don’t play black ops no more but is there a video i can watch on it cause i wanna see this.


Youtube Video.

This is sweet i think i might check this out later the thunder gun is so cool

Found it

Too bad it has such little ammo. It’s like a bad ass version of the ray gun from World at War, only with 12 rounds.

Knew this a while back but still a cool easter egg thing in campaign :smile: Thanks for posting!!

It randomly charged back for me.

Does this prevent you from getting the achievement for beating this level with only Dual Wield weapons?