How To Get Unlimited 12 Days Of Xbox LIVE! *EASY*

I thought it was 14 days?

On mine I did the free one month glitch, but its kept for about 2 and a half months now.

Just use Internet’s tutorial, much quicker.

It works :smile:

This is old news… Internet’s Thread is MUCH better than this. -.-

CoolSayem , could you give me a link please ? :smile:

This thread is just as easy though.

Still works as of October 9, 2012. 5:45pm.

I redeemed mine , it showed that redeeming is succesful but my account is still a free membership , dafaq ?

It gives you 14 days, also, doesn’t everyone know this?

Thanks for the share. Worked perfect.

doesn’t work for me
I’ve tried twice, can anyone PM me a code pls? :3

This no longer works due to a captcha code requirement, unless you know Japanese language you are indeed screwed.

It’s a month and a half old. So I would imagine it being fixed by now.

I get an error - The email addy or password you entered isnt valid. try again

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