How to hack Call of Duty Zombies! for iPhone & iPad

Finally there is a cydia app that lets you mod CoD Zombies on the iPod and iPhone! Here is how to get it and make it work.

  1. Open up cydia and hit manage.

  2. Tap sources and at the top left hit edit and then hit add. Add this source:

  3. Find the CoD Zombies mod and install it.

  4. Once installed, it should have made a new icon on your home screen. Open it up.

  5. Once opened scroll down and click activate.

  6. Turn on the mods you want.

  7. Open up nazi zombies and start a game and have fun!

Man. This makes me want to jailbreak again :anguished:

Thanks for this tut, the mods are really cool.

Edit the source please

Sorry fixed

The mods doesn’t work.

Did you download the right app?

CoDZ Mod

What exactly are the mods you get?

umm you cant use this more than once without having to pay

it wont find the respiratory

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