How to HotSwap full guide

How to HotSwap guide by Dan

1.Buy a set of Torx Screwdriver’s the one you need is a T10 you can try a T9
2.Buy a set of Phillips head Screwdriver’s
3.Buy a pack of Verbatim DVD+R DL 8.5GB Amazon are the best place to buy them.
4.Make sure you have the original disk of the game you want to mod.

Instructions on opening the xbox 360

1.Start off by taking off the faceplate by either from the top or the bottom or from the USB hole.

2.Then remove the harddrive if its in.

3.Now remove the grey covers at the top and the bottom of the xbox 360 dont be scared to
break them

4.Now you need to open the top cover of your xbox put your torx screwdrivers under each tab.

5.Now pull the top cover up and it should be sort of hanging out.

6.Now grab the top cover of the xbox thats hanging out and pull it off the xbox with the bottom cover on.

7.Now you will see a metal bottom plate and this is where the torx T10 comes in.

8.Unscrew everysingle screw apart from the screws inside the beveled box (where the x clamps are, black screws)

9.Now that that is done turn the xbox so the metal is facing the floor and pull the white cover off.

10.Now you will see your dvd drive it should look like this (Ignore the disk trays)

11.Now unplug the 2 wires attached to the drive and take your drive out.

12.Turn your drive upside down and you will see some small Phillips head screws unscrew these.

13.Now place the drive upright and take the top off.

14.Now look underneath the top you just took off and you will see a magnet it should look something like this.

15.Not everyones magnet looks the same but it will be something like that.

16.Now to get the magnet out take the label off the top of the drive you took out.

17.Magnets all different so heres a load of videos.

18.Now you’ve done the hard part you can put the magnet back on the disc drive in the middle of the disk.

19.Start your normal disk up and wait on dashboard till it says game details then press y.

20.Now quickly take the disk + the magnet off and put your modded disk with the magnet on.

21.Now install to hard drive.


Additional information.
1.When using IMGBurn to burn your iso’s to your disk use layer break 1913760

2.When using IMGBurn to burn your iso’s use disk write speed 2.4

Dont forget to plug the wires back in!




Nice tutorial.
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Im glad you thought it was nice.

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Quick question, i’ve hot swapped before but i wanted to know if it is possible to hot swap 1 game for another. Lets say i have Medal of Honor burnt to the disk, and i hot swap it with lego Indiana Jones (because that games never left the case). Would it work?

No because it recognizes the game so if you tryed to start lego indiana jones it would use the files to run indiana jones so basically you would get a disk unread or something error.

that will not work it will say disc isnt readable, ive tried it for Cod4 with MW2

This is what would happen.

Lol this guide took me ages o_O

Magnets are harder for Lite-On…

Want a lite on video? Or you just saying that :smile:

oh i just realised that lite ons already there

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umm Lite on are harder to but back together! Trust me

i think my retail xbox is a lite on and by put back together you mean the magnet?

good tut!

Write Speed: 2.4
good tutorial. very detailed

Thank you.

i like the videos and it was a good idea

lol i actually tride this… just got glitchy with the instalatoin

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Only the magnet, I’ve put together two lite-ons.

thxs very nice tut

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