How To Install A Drop Shot Button

Kipcorn asked me for a tut so i made a quick one and sorry it’s not as detailed as my last one i have had a sh*tty morning /:

just press b?

Exactly my thoughts…

That is a good TuT for people who kno what they were doing till that point. I like it :thumbsup:

Nice tut :smiley: Going to try it on a spare Controller.

it’s supposed to lay in the back of the controller so you don’t have to take your thumb off of the analog stick.

Use Tactical Layout?

Use Tactical, and hold B for about half a second and your on the floor.

If you use the tactical layout, B is for knifing and the right analog stick is to crouch/go prone…

ya il jst stick to tac layout

Ima do this for knifing since I use tactical

just put it on Tactical thats the eaziest way!

I’m gonna give this a shot:thumbsup:

How can I make a t-bag button?

lolololol like a rapid fire TBAG?

Your discussion is valid

yup i cant do that kind of stuff.

I already did this before really easy if i can do it you can. Don’t hold your dreams back. If you wanna do something do it! Integritizing Prefire FTW :3

LOL i would Pay for that,
A rapid file teabag button LOL

Ha, I have the black ops controller. Its already installed!

By the way nice tut.