How to install XBLA on RGH

Once again guys been looking all over for a straight forward tutorial and cant find one.

Basically downloaded Burnout crash XBLA title and wanting to play it on my RGH console, the download has come in 3 parts of 0004983454.fid,0004983523.fid and 0004983532.fid how do I transfer these over to my rgh and make them playable? I’m kinda new to this but understand how to put god games on my HDD via ftp and via usb but dont understand what to do with the arcade games…

All help appreciated, thanks.

Get yourself 360 content manager 2.2 its a noobs best friend. All you do is put in your console id then open any game and it transfers the game to your xbox for you and put it all in the right place. Best tool i say for dlc and arcade games

Oh and make sure the games unlocked if not no problem 360 content manager unlocks it by a click of a button

i think i have that, is it installed on the console itself? or on pc then drag and drop the xbla game?

Its a pc program and it asks for your console ip which you just get from the console itself. Ounce you have done that just click open and find your downloaded game, Make sure its says unlocked if not just click unlock. Then press FTP and it transfers it straight to the console all in the right place.

ok, but its not finding a game as i just have a folder called xbla games and in it are the 3 parts of burnout crash i downloaded?

Sorry i should of read the op correctly, I have no idea why its in three parts like that? I would say download it again from another source

So in principle its just the same as transferring GOD games but you need to unlock them aswell? will fsd content manager unlock automatically?

Their is a patch/setting on JTAG/RGH that auto patches a lot of content, if things are unlocked automatically u may habve that

thanks you guys, your both really helpful and have now installed it to my hdd :smile:

Thats good to hear, What did you do about that game being in three parts? Did you download from another source or manage to use it?