How to Install XeX Menu 1.1 to a Disk

This is a very easy tutorial as it will take you no longer then 5 minutes.

Burning it to a Disk

For this, you MUST have Dual Layer Disks, might I recomend these


XeX Menu ISO

Img Burn

Download and extract the file, and open it in IMG Burn

Next the settings should be as so

Once settings are as so, you may proceed to click “Write”

It’s pretty easy to burn an iso to a disk. Nice tutorial for the nubs though.

If this works… I’ll love you.

It works, but you must have a Jtagged Xbox 360 Console to run XeX Menu. Retails won’t work

This tut is also useful for if your shipping a Jtag to someone, you can include XeX menu on a disk, so they don’t have to go through all the trouble of downloading it through the computer, etc.

i thought this was already posted and sticked in tut in the jtag section.

No, I checked, there’s a tutorial for installing it to an HDD, but no burning it to a disk

You don’t need a Dual Layer. I installed it on a smaller disk. But nice tut

Very nice TuT.
Thanks Broski!

Old topic i know but i want to state a big fact here, when you stressed that “You MUST have a dual layered disc” that is false, a regular DVD -R will work just fine.

A CD will also work.
Do people just like doing things the hard way and not use the LIVE package?

:expressionless: People confuse me as well.

I use the LIVE package, but i do have a CD just incase i ever need it.

man i have question burn xex.rar or xex.iso after extract

Burn the xex.rar :smiley: