How To Make An Original Gamertag

How to make an oG:
1)Go To Gamertag Checker - Check the availability of a Xbox Live gamertag on one TAB
2) Then go to the other TAB and search Random **** like “uncommon words”, “Words people don’t use”,“Really Odd Words”,"Weird Words"
3)Some Times you would find sites that would give you a list of words just keep copying and pasting them in the gamertagchecker .
4)When You find your match go to Make an account then change the GT to your word :smiley:
Websites To Search #1

-oGs can only be one word
-oGs cannot have numbers ( Except ones with 3 characters)
-oGs can be jacked but i wouldn’t want to release that type of info
-The least letters the better
-oGs Can Look like this too TUO, T76 , U22, T96
-oGs can have sub prefix like : Bi , Tri , Con, anti, ins,non, over ,resub,semi,sub,re,un
Example: TriSexual, BiSexual, AntiSexual, NonSexual, SemiSexual, unsexual

Links To Help You Find Your oGz:
Weird Words
20 Weird English*Words
grannie pannies.: Every word in the English language
Uncommon Words for Common (and Not so Common) Phobias - Associated Content from Yahoo! -
Uncommon words - Tolkien Gateway
A.Word.A.Day – Theme List
Uncopywriting: 10 uncommon words that should be more common - VKI Studios Blog
Does anybody know 6 interesting words beginning on ‘S’ ? - Yahoo! Answers
Interesting Words - List of Interesting Words in English
Really Interesting Words to Brighten Up Your Writing
Tutorial By oSo iSHAUN

Yes these are ogs.

I one a while ago that was “kill boxxy” lol XD

i wish i had a oG gamertag. :confused:

This was already posted. I will edit my post once I find the link, Let’s also not go through the whole “My GT is more OG than yours” thing.

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Good post, this site is amazing btw: Random Word Generator (Plus)

My god, I hope your trolling.

nice post