How To Make Your Own Mod Menu [TuT] EASY! + VIDEO

First of all download these 2 programs:
Here Is The Download For Xero (Editing Program)
Here Is The GPD You Will Edit

1.Open up Xero.exe

Open Me

2.Click On Black Ops GPD Editor

3.Hit Open And Open Up The GPD You Downloaded You Will Get This:


4.On The Bar to the very right you should see this text : Welcome To … Modded lobby.
Replace that text with whatever text you want.

Open Me

5.You can also edit the other texts too.

6.Save it and put it on your HDD.

7.Go into split screen and enjoy your mods!

8.Also if you want to change the color of the words do the following:
Were ever you see a “^” with a number by it thats were the color is.
To change this simple change the number with the colors you want.

Colored Text Codes!
[spoil]^1 = red
^2 = green
^3 = yellow
^4 = blue
^5 = light blue
^6 = purple [/spoil]

Buttons to turn on mods:
[spoil]1.Back Button:Welcome to … Modded Lobby.
2.DPAD Up: Press For Infections,EXP MOD,Wallhack,Promod,Speed Variables.
3.DPAD Left: Make your gamertag RED!
4.DPAD Right: 2147e4764 EXP/Kill
5.Left Trigger: Adjust Movement Speed
6.Right Bumper: Adjust Pro Mod

Video of result!:


Credits-Cassian From TTG

It’s “Spoiler” not “Spoil” :stuck_out_tongue:

Use [details=Open Me]Text Here[ */spoiler] for the spoilers.
Use [video] Youtube Link here [ */m] Remove the *

I will start you off

Hope this has helped