How to mod dead rising 2

Video tutorial:

This tutorial is how to mod dead rising 2 single player campaign:

Written tutorial

  1. Extract your dr2 save off of your hard drive or usb which should read DR2S000.DSF or something along those lines.

  2. Open up horizon and click on dead rising 2 button under Game modders.

  3. Open up your dr2 save and click on max all for all 3 tributes and leave if you are doing it for leaderboard mods but put the 7 to a 6 if going legit.

  4. Click save and then put your save back onto your hdd /usb.

That will come in handy but I would rather like to use the Horizon tool

Edit: Sorry >.< ill give you a thank you

What do you mean rather use the horizon tool i used horizon in both the video and written tutorial please read the content before posting.

Cool and i also added more steps to the written to make it easier to follow.