How to mod/glitch Castle Crashers to 256

How to Mod/Glitch your Castle Crasher players to 256.

Castle Crashers
An Xbox LIVE account
1 Controller
A USB that has been configured with the Xbox 360/ A HDD you can connect with a transfer cable


  1. Open up your USB/ HDD with a selected program.
  2. Now Open up Partion 3 and then go to profiles.
  3. Drag the 256 account/s into the profiles section and unplug your HDD/USB.
  4. Plug in your HDD/USB into the Xbox 360, and unplug your Ethernet/Wireless receiver cable.
  5. Load up the 256 account and choose a character, and when you get to the map log out and log into your main account.
  6. Rinse and repeat.


256 Account [Non DLC]
256 Account [DLC]

Thanks to Fred Figglehorn on for the profiles.
Also using the DLC account will not give you the DLC, you must already have it.
I hope this tutorial is clear enough because I’m doing this from the top of my head.

??? Confusing…

ooooooooooooor you can use the horizon castle crashers modder

Success ^

Do I need modio for Horizon?

uhm dince your nw here its ok but, look horizon is a moddin gtool made bye this site and it’s devolopers, you can download it fromt the link at the very top of the website

All you do is drag the profile onto your HDD/USB, sign into the profile offline and when you load the map on a character log out and log into your profile.

Horizon’s Castle Crashers modder, mods stats this is to get to level 256.


Does it matter if it’s old or not? :open_mouth:

Oh well, thanks for the share :smile:

Lmfao I modded my stats, I joined a game and some guy is like “wtf did you hack the game ? so high damage wtf” lmao.

It says the xbox information is invalid dude…


Someone changed the pass to the account or something, lol. Please update it…

Bump for OP … can you please update the thread. I need this urgently :anguished:

I’ll have a look now.
Is it the download? Or the account itself?

It is the account, it seems like someone hacked/changed the password.

Did you use it offline?
Unplug your Ethernet/Wireless Adapter.

No doubt the horizon Castle Crashers tool is quicker, but manually modding it it good too. Nice post.

Nevermind, it worked… I just had to unplug my internet Lol, you can’t be connected while doing this guys!!

I would recommend people to use the Horizon tool if your DMND. But the thing is it doesn’t mod your level D:

I mentioned that in the OP, and also reposted it.