How to mod Halo reach campaign with usb

A tut on how to mod halo reach game save, to get extra health and ammo and stuff.

Thank for the tut

nice tut man good job

Ahhhh modio!!!


No, not Modio =D

Excellent tut, cheers for that.

Don’t hate modio just because game-tuts made it. If anything you should be happy for it. The only way to actually have a need to improve horizon is competition.

Never thought of it this way but kinda makes sense.

True, but I wouldn’t consider them competition at all.

Why!! Horizon Is The Best!!

Nice tut just tried this

No modio!
horizons cooler :wink:

Just did this and whenever I try to save it in Horizon it says “Index was outside the bounds of array.” Someone please help. :anguished:

so if i mod the campaign… can i still earn credits. like even for the stuff where i have the super falcon and other stuff…

thanks but, posted a lot before this.

Nice tut good job